Understanding The Background Of 2018 Commonwealth Games.

2018 common wealth game

Hello, friends today I will write about 2018 Commonwealth Games. As we all know games are the part and parcel of our life. We all love to play and watch games. Commonwealth Games are one of the popular game events. Another well-known name of 2018 Commonwealth Games is Gold Cost. The 2018 Commonwealth Games will be the XXI Commonwealth Games.  Commonwealth Games are consist of multiple sports. In the year 2018,  XXI Commonwealth Games will be held in Queensland, Australia. The time of the sporting event is 4 to 15 April 2018.Australia is hosting  Commonwealth Games for the fifth time.

Short history

Commonwealth games are also known as British empire games.  The commonwealth games,  between two Olympics. This game started in Canada in 1930 at the place called Hamilton. India joined Commonwealth Games  London in 1934 Currently.  The total number of countries in Commonwealth Games is 54 but total 74 team takes part in the game. Here is the list of the participating countries and territories of 2018 Commonwealth Games. In the XX the Commonwealth games, India took part in the 17 games among 20 games. In 2010 India hosted Commonwealth Games.In the year 1950, the Commonwealth games started again after world war -II

2018 commonwealth game

  1. Anguilla, 2. Antigua and Barbuda, 3. Australia (host nation), 4.Bahamas

5. Bangladesh,  6.Barbados,  7.Belize,   8. Bermuda,    9. Botswana,

10. The British  Virgin Islands,  11. Brunei,   12.Cameroon, 13. Canada

14.  The Cayman Islands,  15. The Cook Islands, 16.Cyprus, 17.Dominica,

18.England 19. The Falkland Islands,  20. Fiji,  21. Ghana,  22. Gibraltar,

23. Grenada 24. Guernsey,  25. Guyana, 26. India, 27. Isle of Man, 28. Jamaica,

29. Jersey,    30. Kenya, 31. Kiribati, 32. Lesotho, 33.  Malawi, 34. Malaysia,

35. Malta, 36. Mauritius,  37. Montserrat, 38. Mozambique, 39. Namibia,

40. Nauru, 41. New Zealand,  42.Nigeria, 43. Niue, 44.Norfolk Island,

45. Northern Ireland, 46. Pakistan,  47. Papua New Guinea,  48. Rwanda,

49. Saint Helena, 50. Saint Lucia,  51. Swaziland, 52. Saint Vincent and the

Grenadines, 53.  Samoa    54. Scotland, 55. Seychelles, 56. Sierra Leone,

57. Singapore, 58. Solomon Islands, 59. South Africa, 60. Sri Lanka,  61. Saint

Kitts and Nevis,  62.  Tanzania  63. Tonga,  64. Trinidad and Tobago,

65. The Turks and  Caicos Islands, 66. Tuvalu      67.  Uganda, 68. Vanuatu,

69. Wales, 70. Zambia

The sports which are included in the commonwealth games have the approbation of 26 government bodies. Minimum ten core sports and maximum seventeen sports are needed in a Common Wealth Game. The 2018 Commonwealth game consists of ten core sports.   On 7 October 2016, seven new events for women were added to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. By this decision, the man and woman know can participate an equal number of sports. Total 275 events in 18 sports will be performed.The sports events of 2018 Commonwealth Games are listed below:

1. Aquatics Diving,  2. Swimming,  3. Athletics,  4. Badminton,    5. Basketball,

6. Beach, 7. volleyball,  8. Boxing, 9. Cycling,10. Mountain biking, 11. Gymnastics,

12.  Weightlifting, 13.  Wrestling, 14.  Artistic, 15. Rhythmic,    16. Hockey

17. Lawn bowls, 18. Netball, 19. Rugby sevens    20. Shooting     21. Squash

22. Table tennis         23. Road Track       24.  Triathlon        25. Powerlifting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    About the Mascot

 MascotBorobi is the name of a mascot of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The mascot Borobi is a blue koala. It has markings on the body.The official Games Partners,    The Star Gold Coast, Griffith University, TAFE Queensland,  Longines, Optus Channels.
Official Games Suppliers of 2018 Common Wealth Games are   Centium Software, GPY&R, MediaCom, GL Events ExpoNet, Tourism Australia, Diadora, ISentia, Rapiscan, Thrifty Rent A Car, Cockram Construction, Winc, Technogym, Speedo, Royal Australian Mint, Sold Out National Event Management, DB Schenker, Motorola Solutions, STING, Gold Coast Airport, Incognitus, Aura Sports, Queensland X-Ray, Eleiko, CSG Limited, Brisbane Airport, TFH Hire Services, Hamilton Sunscreen.


2018 commonwealth game


Official Games Supporters are KPMG, Minter Ellison, Seek, Ticketek, Atos, Aggreko, Hard Yakka, Brisbane Times, RGS Events, Gold Coast Bulletin, Cisco, Moreton Hire, Lend Lease Group, Woolworths Supermarkets, Castlemaine XXXX. We welcome 2018 Commonwealth Games. We welcome its vast history. The time of blood, sweat, and tears. A  history of humanity, equality, and history. We are looking forward to 2018 Commonwealth Games. For more such posts click here.Picture link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Commonwealth_Games



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