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Android is the most popular operating system made by Google. After the successful completion of Android 7.0 (Nougat), Google is now launching the last version of Android 8.0. The name of this operating system given is Android Oreo or Android O. The Android Oreo has already launched on 21st August in the running year in the USA. This update has not yet available for all smartphones. This has first introduced in the Googles Pixel devices and in few Nexus devices. This article is about Android Oreo features and the advantages of this last android version.

Android Oreo made so many changes to its features. It’s including surface features and core features. At first, I am describing the surface Android Oreo features.

Android Oreo Features

Andoird Oreo features

The Android Oreo is the package version Google has ever made. It has so many new exciting features. The main motto of Google is to improve security system for Android. Android is actually a highly secured operating system. According to some recent news, some hackers already hacked this highest secured system. As a result, Google made a higher secured OS for smartphones name Android Oreo.


For visual changes between Nougat and the Android, Oreo has not many changes are there. As this is the last Android version Google made it for future-proofing. In terms of future-proofing Oreo has introduced maximum screen aspect ratio. In the previous version the screen aspect ratio was 1.86:1 and now for Oreo, the aspect ratio is 18.5:9. This is the basically widescreen cinematic standard. And for user-friendly for everybody for that they love this OS.

Menu and Notifications

The settings menu is largely reduced than that of other Android OS. This is logical because it does require more taps to go settings. That’s why it is in the right corner of the screen. There are also changes in Network and the Internet. You can also see the lighting up the User Interface in the quick setting and notification area. If you swipe down you will also see the notification shade. The experience of the launcher is the same as another version. But after launching the app drawer, it is simply by swiping up you can see the navigation buttons with upgraded way.

Easier Widgets

In the previous versions, the widgets were spade through the alphabetical list of widgets. But now it’s quite easier to operate widget. You just have to touch and hold the icon you want to the widget.

For Search and find purpose

Android Lollipop already has had a search function in the settings menu. But for this time application info have displayed in the installed apps option. So, now you can more quickly access the application you want.

Picture-in-Picture mode

Google introduces the all new Picture-in-Picture mode to the Android Oreo features. With this mode, multitasking is much easier than ever.

Added icons and emoji

android oreo features

Google has now come up with Adaptive icons. This was also in the previous versions of Android. But it’s now come up with increasing the consistency of using Android. This android version 8.0 officially delivers the new circular emoji. The blob emoji that were previously added in the earlier versions is removed because of that was loved and hated in equal measure. Android Oreo has also introduced wide color gamut apps. For that requires HDR Display Technology. As a result, apps can display a larger range of colors.

These are the surface features I have explained. Now, it’s about the core features. The Android Oreo has introduced so many exciting core features. So, let’s take a look to Core Android Oreo Features.

Power Saving

Android O features power saving mode of the smartphone. As a result, it extends battery life and performance. Google introduce automatic limits on applications background process. For that reason, it causes less energy consumption and longer battery life. Android O also helps to find those apps that cause more battery consumption.

Earlier Updates

With the project of Android O, this gets merchant interface. This means the consumers get an interface like it will be added from its internal device components. This internal component like Qualcomm, MediaTek will able to make Android O interface. For that reason, this Android version makes able to produce earlier updates with the beta version for Googles Nexus and Pixel devices.

 Application start and device reboot faster

By this Android update your device reboot faster. Android O makes it to half. It also increases application performance by increasing app background activities.

Introduction of Google Play Protect

Google introduced the Google Play protect to detect malware in the applications. Google play protect also optimise security system of Android by detecting nature of Applications. As a result, the security system of Android automatically increases in this version.

Awareness of WiFi

android oreo features
google image

In Android O there is also added WiFi awareness. For that reason, it is able to detect the WiFi and aware about malicious WiFi connections. This is all about a security system for Android. It protects without intentionally having to use that internet connection.

Password Management

Google also added an internal security system called System-wide auto fill API (Android Program Interface). For that reason, all the passwords are working on the central place of the interface. This denotes that when someone fills any form or logging onto any apps, their auto fills the data easily. For that reason, won’t need any copy and paste the user name and password anymore.


Google’s Android Operating system always named with the name of sweets. These are Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat. Now Oreo is the last version of Android with high-security features and exciting look. Now this update is available only in beta version. So, if you didn’t update this till now, I recommend you to update it and enjoy the most secured Operating System ever.


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