This Story Behind Benefits Of Green Tea For Skin Will Haunt You Forever!


Hi friends me again with Benefits of green tea for skin topic. In previous content, I have given you information about advantage and disadvantage of drinking of green tea.

Friends as drinking green Tea has its own advantage and disadvantages but as per skin is concerned Benefits of green tea for skin is rejuvenate or make you younger. So friend today I will give you information or knowledge about why anyone who takes care or skin should also try Benefits of green tea for the skin as one of the methods of rejuvenating the skin or to make skin looks younger.

tea-bag-for-facial-scrub as Benefits of green tea for skin

Friends you came to know about that Benefits of green tea for skin is good for preventing cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis as well as it is a good weight management remedy. Today if you go through Beautify product range of skin care most of the skin care product will have green tea abstract in it. A Recent study shows that Benefits of green tea for skin has a good effect on skin cancer, there are certain elements of green tea, which help to decrees the rate of skin cancer. Mostly green tea is consumed in the Asian continent countries like India, Japan, Korea and few countries that are more Asian.


  In an article written by Ph.D holder Hasan Mukhtar . He is a professor of University of Western Reserve of Cleveland of Dermatology say that the anti oxidant property of green tea is very much importance into skin not only green tea anti oxidant property is important but also any antioxidant property is known to mankind is important to a human being of anti-aging of the skin.

Now what is antioxidant are those agents that can counter the effect of free radicals, which are deactivated before they can harm your body. Similarly, there are other teas like green, black and oolong tea even coffee, red grapes, kidney beans, raisins, prunes and in wine category red wine, which has a lot of polyphones.

Now the question arises what is polyphones?

Polyphones are elements of a chemical substance which comes under bioflavonoid have shown to properties that have antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. In Benefits of green tea for skin, mostly the chemical compositions are Catechins. Catechins, which are antioxidant in nature. This antioxidant in nature also helps or act as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents, major Catechins. In Benefits of green tea for skin has shown properties of anti-inflammations, anti-cancer properties for skin, which is very good. Lots of cancer patients or people are not aware of cancer.

botox instead of Benefits of green tea for skin

Many people do not know whether they have cancer or not but by Benefits of green tea for skin, they will never get cancer or any other thing like cancer. Green tea is also a good anti-aging product when you use green on your body. Its ingredient slows down the process of aging. There are lots of anti aging product in the market most of them made by the chemical. At the beginning they might show you, good result and it will surely improve your skin quality but as soon as you stop using this or that particular product the skin will stop showing the way as it was showing.

Instead, it will make your skin worst and look older rather than making you look younger. For e.g.: – mostly the air hostage or the fashion industry personal use Botox to make their face look younger. However, the side effect of Botox is as long as you keep on doing Botox the skin will show you younger but as you stop, using Botox the skin will look older.

Therefore, friends my point of saying is that there are many natural methods are there to make you look younger, one among us that Benefits of green tea for skin method.  Friends let me give you the method or the way that you can make face pack from green tea as Benefits of green tea for the skin. First, take green tea cream and sugar. Then you combine all the three the sugar help to remove the dead cell from the face where as cream keeps the skin moist and the green tea leaves rejuvenate the skin.


So, friend, this is simple face pack, which you can make it at home and also you can make a toner out of it and two cups of green tea in boiling water then add lime juice in it and add two spoons of honey in it. Then add few drops of vitamin E oil in it and tea tree oil in it also add baking soda to it mix it well and then spray it on the neck and face twice daily then you will see the result.

So a friend that how Benefits of green tea for the skin. Today I stop here see you soon with a new topic and if you have any comments regarding this article please share with us below comment box.


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