The Miracle Of Business Casual Women Examples

business casual women examples

 Business casual women examples Introduction


Home based business is like worship for housewives and moms. They can start a home based offline business with low investment and it requires very less time. Many housewives and moms are looking for this business nowadays. They are eager to earn more money by doing part time business in the extra time. In order to help them, I am here to explain about some offline business ideas that can be started at home with low investment. These ideas are somewhat adaptable in nature. As being a housewife you need to give sufficient time to your family and children. So, let’s take a look at business casual women examples that can make you financially independent. Some of these businesses are,

Beauty parlor business

This business will be the best some piece the long haul home based business for ladies alternately housewives. If you need aid a great beautician after that you might without a doubt begin these benefits of the business. At first, you have to take training for this. And also require a small room for this in your home or outside the home. The capital you need not much more than 25000 rupees and earn huge profit.

Candle making business

In turn, home based benefits of the business ticket for housewives are flame settling on. A flame may be habitually utilized not best to love motivation as well as similarly as an enlivening thing. With beginning this business you ought to take that methodology of making a flame from crude wax. It requires for these benefits of the business may be most extreme 15000. And also able to win an enormous amount of benefit.

Chocolate making

Chocolate making is splendid home based business with low investment. As per me, this is a perfect business for housewives and moms. So as will start this log off business you must get permit starting with FSSAI (Food Safety and guidelines power about India). In this business, you need to make chocolate and sell them. You will need a help from someone to wrap those chocolates to make it attractive. You can tie up with shopping malls or local grocery shop for selling purpose. The investment required for chocolate making business is approx 10000 rupees and can earn a huge margin.

The Account keeping

Let, you are a commerce graduate and have a good knowledge about account keeping then you should go for this. Numerous little organizations or enterprises searching for those individuals who can oversee record and influence the adjust to a sheet for them. This is an evergreen business with zero ventures.

Jewelry Business

This is the most favorite issue for women. If you are ready to invest some amount of money then you may start your own jewelry business from home. This is profitable business casual women examples.

Cake Making

Another profitable home based business is cake making. Cake making doesn’t require many resources, tool and equipment. You just need some skills and training for cake making. Also, need to extremely good in this business in order to withstand in the market. You can also tie up with some of bakery and cake shop to increase profit. So, you will require not more than 20000 rupees to start this business.

Cloth making business

This is another highly profitable home business for women. For this, you need more money to buy equipment and machines for this. Also, more manpower will be needed for making customized clothes. Capital may need approx 1 Lacs and you will get huge revenue for this.

 Private tutor

If you are a good teacher and you know teaching and learning skills then you should go for this business. Everyone needs a private tutor for their children for a better result in examinations. They also pay you for this. The need of private tutor is increasing day by day. So, this business is very helpful for quickly earn money without investment.

Cooking tuition

If you are good in cooking then you should go for this business. It is pure women based business casual women example. To start a cooking class you have to make a little space at home or outside the home. Capital required for this not more than 25000 from my thinking.

Matrimony business

Matrimony business is a simple business that you can start from home actually. To start this you just need the bio data of unmarried persons. You would have to give very less time and money for this business. The profit will be huge for this business, I can say this. So many matrimonial websites are there in the market. But, you can start this business at home.


If you are good in writing then you should start up this offline business. Blogging is a well-known business for anyone including women or housewives. Nowadays, this is a very primary source of income. You just need a computer for this. A very less capital required to start this business. This is another business casual women examples.

Card making business

Greeting cards or wedding cards are not a new phenomenon in these days. To wish someone for birthday or anniversary greetings card is a very useful thing. This is a home based business with a small investment. The need of these cards is increasing day by day in every occasion. So, this business has high demand in the market. So, you can start this business easily with the investment of maximum 2500 rupees.

Data entry job

Data entry job is very effective and popular nowadays. Many companies offer job-related form filling and data entry to other. You will be paid when you finish the job. At first, you need a computer or laptop for this and will get a bit of money.

PTC job

PTC means pay to click job. You have a computer or laptop for this. This business is very useful without investment. Many online websites offer you for this job. In this job, you have to click and view on various types of advertisements and will get paid for this.

Business casual women examples conclusion

These are some of the offline business casual women examples. There are so many offline businesses are created day by day for housewives. There are also many private companies which provide business for women they can operate from home only. And get a huge amount of revenue for this. So, be independent and start your own business with the new different idea. But, you have to enough knowledge about that business you want to start.
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