Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Famous Bloggers in India?

Famous Bloggers in India

It’s All About (The) Famous Bloggers in India

Hello, everyone. Today I am here again with a new topic that is Famous Bloggers in India. So, you can say that blog is a one way or best platform where you can share your thoughts, emotions, and passions whatever. Even you can earn huge amount from this if you can succeed to add Google Ad sense. So, did you imagine that In India there are exits top and well writer-blogger and also who are creating ‘lakhs’ of ‘rupees’ month to month? So, this is interesting. Once a time, they are just writing some blogs, but in day by day they can improve their blog quality and they can achieve their goal.

Become a Blogger:

So, guys, these Famous Bloggers in India normal human-beings as like you, they just try to achieve their mission or goal, and they can do that. So, you can also be a good blogger. I know it’s not easy, but it is not that much tough. If you want to be a good writer or blogger, follow them. So, here I will go to share with you some information and earning of Top Five Indian Blogger, which may be easy to know them for you. And you can also earn huge money with the help of blogging website.

They just earn to start a little amount from their own blog, but with day by day, this little amount of money convert into lakhs. So, did you know how can they do it? Even, just imagine a very high qualified Engineer or Doctors also don’t make this amount of money. So, whatever, these top five Indian Bloggers are very young and they still now to earn money more than a qualified Engineer or Doctor. So, to become like these top blogger you just need a website, do not require any investment and money.

Famous Bloggers in India
  1. Harsh Agarwal:

He is a very young blogger, from New Delhi. He was done his graduation from Sharda University in 2008. Harsh is an Engineering Student.  He started his journey in Sep 2008. And he started a journey on a blog about things which he knows. And he was interested in computer security & network. His first domain name was “Underground World”. After 3 months he gets appreciate from his blog readers and he was starting to invest in his blogging website. And after that, he was starting a journey with a keyword about tech related blog and he chooses the domain name “shout me loud” which is unique. He writes all blogs only his own learning and personal experiments. And now he becomes a top blogger in India. And he also has a million of traffic.

Famous Bloggers in India

  • Blog: ShoutMeLoud.com
  • World Alexa Ranking: 6,058
  • Affiliate Income: $ 27,233. 94
  • Media Net: $ 497.79
  • Ad Sense: $ 266
  • Infolinks: $ 64.98
  • Total Income: $ ‘32,480’ (2.1 Million INR)

Amit Agarwal:

Amit Agarwal is an experimental blogger in India. He was done his graduation from IIT, Computer Science Engineering. And now he has known the Famous Bloggers in India. To become Indian 1st professional blogger he quit his blog.  Amit writers the colossally prevalent and grant-winning Digital-Inspiration-blog where he composes how-to guides throughout customer-software & Mobile Application. So, he has built up some different popular web applications & Google-add-ons including Mail-merge for your Email.

He was also the writer of “The Most Useful Websites”. Amit has shown up on different TV Channels & various radio shows like BBC Radio, CNN IBN, NDTV, CNBC and many more. HT notices Amit as the author of the Indian Professional Blogging upset. He was started his journey with blogging world and begin a technological blog is called Labnol. And after that, he can achieve a big success from that. And after a few months, Amit was creating above 10 Lakhs per month. After day by day, he becomes a popular blogger in India and Amit now makes-approximately 30, 000000-40, 00000 per month.


  • Blog: Labnol.org
  • Income Channel: Paid Ads, AdSense & Affiliate Income
  • World Alexa Rank:  11,835
  • Annual Income: Approximately 2 Crores

Anil Agarwal:

He is a Blogger and SEO Developer from India. Anil was started his journey on his own blog on 1st Jan 2010 in Indians tops most blogging platform or way Word press. He was first starting to write his blog on Make Money Online. And from that, he can achieve his goal. His blogging website Bloggerpassion.com

famous bloggers in india

  • Indian Alexa Rank: 9,130
  • Infolinks: 5.77
  • Media.net: $160
  • Websites Kinking: 506 (according to Alexa)
  • Total Income: $5,317

Shardha Sharma:

She is an entrepreneur of India &a notable face among youthful Indians. She is the author or founder of ’ YourStory’. Shradha Sharma started her own image of stories, a site committed to youthful developing business people. She is furnished with degrees-from St.Stephens College in Delhi & MICA, Ahmadabad. And Shradha Sharma pictures of her-schools and colleges are discovered once in a while on the web. She contact points of interest are effectively found on the web from Shradha-Sharma ‘YourStory’ profile. Now, today many of people know her as the-CEO & the chief-editor of ‘YourStory’. She is also well known the Famous Bloggers in India.

famous bloggers in india

  • Blogging-from: 2008, Present
  • Blog-Niche: Entrepreneur
  • Estimated Earnings: $ “18,500” Per month
  • Blog: YourStory.com
  • Earn Channels: Affiliate Income, Ad Sense, Paid to advertise
  • World ranking: 7,437

Pradeep Kumar:

‘HellBound’ Bloggers is established by S. Pradeep Kumar. And he is again Chennai based blogger. Pradeep likewise authors of a system-called Slash square. He has completed his graduation from SMK Fomra-Institute-of Technology. HBB is a blog of Technology & Web-community. Concentrate on topics-like, Social Media, Blogging, Word Press, Technology, and Internet Tips. The unique visitors of HBB has per day 7,000 approximately and 3, 50,000 over a month.

famous bloggers in india


  • Blog: HellBoundBlogger.com
  • Location: Chennai
  • Alexa Ranking in India: 9,136
  • Income-Source: Affiliate Income, Ad Sense, Paid to advertise
  • Earning: $ 4000-5000 per month

So, here you can see and know the list of Famous Bloggers in India, who is making a huge number of dollars every month except we don’t think about them. In the event that you know at that point, then suggest-with us. And from that, we can earn and learn numerous things with these bloggers about technological sharing thoughts, Making money and much more.

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