Games Like Clash of Clans

Games Like Clash of Clans

Games Like Clash of Clans

Hello, friends, I hope you all have a good weekend and all well. So, today I am here with a new topic on the most popular game. Yes, guys, your most popular Games Like Clash of Clans, and I hope you can enjoy reading this article. Because here I have mentioned all the interesting things on this game. So, let’s start.


Games Like Clash of Clans is an online video game. And it was published

Games Like Clash of Clans

on 2012, 2 Aug, which was released for iOS platform and created by Supercell and developed this game for Smartphone device, founded in Finland. It comes in Google play store on 2013, 7 Oct. It was invested $12 Million for this game. Games Like Clash of Clans is growing up with very leaps and bound. In 2013 the revenue from this game was $ 78.4 million. And recent daily revenue is $ 376,649. It had Hundred million everyday active users. And now in 2016, the revenue of this game is overall $2.3 billion.

So, do you know what Clash of Clan is?

Yea, why not…Because most of the people loved this game, especially tin agers playing it right now. So, now Games Like Clash of Clans a one of the most popular game in all over the country. So, now I am going to share with you about this game.

It’s an online game, and you can play it only Android mobile, but recently it add the game in Windows Smartphone. That means you can also play it any windows Smartphone. It is available in Google play store. So, firstly you have to install this game from Google Play Store. After that, you have to create an account for it. Then when you enter into this game, you can see a village on this game. And also can see some cute animation cartoon player. And these damn cute animated cartoons have increased the popularity of this game.

So, when you enter into this game, the villagers say you to “Welcome chief! We sure have been waiting for you!” And then you have to tap it. And then you can see here the shop button, where you can build every single thing in your village. So, you just go ahead and click the shop button. And then you can see peashooter Cannon, and there is a time so certain things you may be needed like a level 2 Town Hall, level 3 Town Hall. Now, you have to protect your town hall from an attacker. Attackers mean the another player of this game.

Games Like Clash of Clans

The main recourses of this game are Elixir, Gold, Gems and Dark Elixir. You have to increase the gold point level. If you can do this, then you can update your Townhall. On the other hand, you can join any clan, it’s your choice, and you can create a group in this clan with fifty people. So, it’s more interesting, in your group of a clan, who can take a part in wars together. And you can donate troops and you can receive troops from your group members. And you can also chat with your group members whatever you need.

So, now why you’re Gold Elixir need for Games Like Clash of Clans?


Games Like Clash of Clans

Yea, Of course, in this game Gold Elixir plays a great rule. Because when you can increase the gold elixir then you can update your Town Hall to the next. And you can use this to buy defense and decoration.

And Elixir can be used to train your troops, upgrade your spells and building many structures. Now, let’s talk about Gems, Gems are used to get the builder. The most important thing in this game is a builder. Without builder, you cannot build your town hall and update defense.

Games Like Clash of Clans

The names of the troops which are includes in Elixir Wizard, Barbarian, Archer, Wall breaker, Giants, Miner, Baby Dragon, Dragon, Balloon, Healer, Pekka. The dark elixirs are Minion, Golem, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Witch, Lava Hound, Bowler, and Golan.  And the Heroes of this game are Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Grand Warden. Now, let’s talk about spells, which are made a spell factory. When you update your factory of the spell, then you can get more spells for this game. And you can capable to hold many spells.

So, how does it work?

There is you can found various types of spells, like Lighting Spells, Jump Spells, Healing Spells, Freeze Spell, Clone Spells, Rage Spells. And the dark spells are Haste Spells, Earthquake Spells, Skeleton Spell, and Poison Spells. These spells are used in a different way. The healing spells are used to heal your troops going to war.

Games Like Clash of Clans

It gives a medium extended span and with yellow shades of shinning color. It represents the healing power when you going to attack in another village. The lightning spells are used to destroy air defense.  And also speed up your troops and faster while attacking another village. The Earthquake spells are used to destroy the walls, whatever it tough or what. You just need four Earthquake spells to destroy walls if it on any level. It obviously that, more elevated amount of the spell, the more harm the encompassing structures will take in the meantime. The poison Spell used to damage enemy troops.


Games Like Clash of Clans

The builder base Army included some troops like Baby Dragon, Sneaky Archer, Beta Minion, Raged Barbarian, Bomber, Night witch, Super Pekka, Boxer Giant, Skeleton, and Cannon Cart. And the heroes are the Battle machine.


Gems are used to get a builder to upgrade your town hall and defense. And to right away prepare an army force. Furthermore, it provides to boost up your building like, asset preparations, Barracks, and Heroes.

Games Like Clash of Clans

So, you can get this gems through in Application buys, trees, Gem Box, Mushrooms, which generate arbitrarily on a base of Players. When you remove stone, trunks, trees, mushrooms from your village area, then you can able to get 1 to 6 gems.

Check out daily the catalog of the achievement. Because, sometimes there you can get some achievement, after completing this task you can get more gems. You can also get more gems in various ways like if you completing the war with another player then you can acquire 1000 gems.

So, I hope u will enjoy my article after reading. If you have any question and any idea about this Games Like Clash of Clans, you can give a comment below and please share this article. Thank you….


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