The Real Reason behind Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects.


  Hello friends me once again with the continuation of the same topic over green tea today in this topic I will give you the Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects.

Friend as you know drinking tea or tea history started for the era 2737 BC in China in 2737 BC Chinese Emperor Shen Nung when he was sitting the tree. His servants brought some boiling water with some leaf in it when he drank the boiling water with a leaf in it he felt energetic and rejuvenated as Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects also there in green tea.

From there tea has started its journey. Tea can be treated as a medicinal drink. Tea was first introduced to Portuguese priest and to Chinese business person In the 16th century. Tea became very much popular in Britain as India was a British colony. British started production tea in India as to compete with china tea production. British use tea as their part of life. They use tea as a refreshing drink. When you go to anyone house or anyone comes to your house people offer tea.

Side-effects for Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects

However, friends Green Tea has its own Side Effects too much consuming of green tea will case to hearth barn, irregular heartbeat irritability, nervousness caffeine can also cause an imbalance in blood sugar level for a diabetic person. It is very risky to have too much green tea for a person who has diabetes because green tea not only have caffeine in it. It also has other elements, which is not good for health. Other than diabetics, green tea is very harmful to those who are going through diarrhea not only. It will make your diarrhea worse but it also will make you more body week. Too much caffeine in a body will make your nerves system bad. Green Tea have Side Effects for those who have bones problems.

Caffeine contains in Green Tea, which is very much Side Effects for bone, which might lead to osteoporosis and it, might lead to a big problem in your life. Green Tea have Side Effects for those women or who is getting pregnant. The caffeine content in it might lead to miscarriage. Apart from miscarriage, the pregnant women face lots of body problem due to caffeine in the green tea, green tea is bad for those who have bad stomach or loose motion.

If you have green tea in loose motion, it will worsen the condition of the person who is going through the loose motion. A person or people with high acidity or gas problem in the body will face more heart burn and more vomiting problem due to Side Effects from Green Tea because the green tea will not only increase the gas and acidity problem it will make the person feel unconfident able for a longer period of time.

Green Tea has very much Side Effects that can harmful to the body because of its decrease the iron level in the body. A person with anemia will have a big problem. Once a person takes quite a few cups of green tea the iron or hemoglobin level of the body decrease. The girl’s menstruation bleeding will keep on increasing which may lead to some other problems. Consume of Green Tea will increase the pressure of the eyes for more than an hour. So, don’t take Green Tea with breading medicine if you do so it will increase tram in your nerves, as a result, you will have a big breeding problem also don’t take any drugs with green tea as it will reduce the effect of the medicine in your body.

As a result, the effect, which you should be getting out of the medicine that affects you, will not get. The Even taking of antibiotics with Green Tea which cause Side Effects for your body. Taking antibiotics with Green Tea will give less effect to your body. So, friend it not that you should not consume Green Tea but it should be in proper manure. If you have any medical problem and if you have to consume Green Tea you should consult doctor or physician before taking Green Tea.

Benefits of Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Green Tea has its own Benefits. It contains bioactive elements, which improves health and other things. Green Tea Benefits improves brain function, which makes you smart. Students who want to improve their IQ they should consume Green Tea. Green Tea is a fat burner when consuming Green Tea it decreases the label of fat in your body. Green Tea contains antioxidant properties, which help the body to come out of various types of cancer, or you can say green tea has a property to which help of minimized cancer. Green Tea Benefits improves brain quality in old people. Green Tea help to prevent the building of bacteria in the tooth. Green Tea Benefits is very much good for type II (2) diabetes.

Therefore, friends, this is about Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects to all of you. Today I stop here see you soon with a new topic and by the way if you have any comments regarding this article please share with us below comment box.