All You Need To Know About Hair Care In Monsoon.

Hair care in monsoon

Hair care in monsoon

Today I am writing this blog because I want to share routine of Hair care in monsoon.We all love rain.Nature becomes more beautiful when it rains.In this rainy season, we need to be more caring about our hair and skin.In the summer season, especially in India, we think when the summer will be over.So that we can get rid of sweaty and hot weather.But monsoon is not that much great.When it comes to hair.The hair fall increases tremendously in monsoon.
If you follow these tips for Hair care in monsoon, you will see the difference in the health of your hair.

Hair care in monsoon
So these are some tips.

In monsoon, the hair fall increases 3 to 4 time from normal weather.The main cause of hair fall in monsoon is scalp infection.Hairfall increases in monsoon because the fungal and bacterial infection in scalp increases this time of the year.So the very first tip of Hair care in monsoon is that you should always carry an umbrella.

hair care in monsoon
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Here is tip no two. If hair is fully wet. You should wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner.Do not think that the hair is already wet.So only drying will be enough.The reason is that the rain water is very acidic. This acidic water is very bad for your hair and scalp.

The next tip is, do not comb wet hair. The wet hair breaks easily than dry hair.

Tip no four is you should clean the hair comb often. Minimum one time a week. The dirt of the scalp and hair stuck in the comb. So the cleaning of hair comb for Hair care in monsoon is very important.

The next tip is for Hair care in monsoon, do not apply hair oil too often.The reason is that scalp is already full of sweat, dirt, and dandruff in monsoon. So the hair oiling will increase the fungal activity in the scalp. But if you really want to apply oil you can use Neem oil.

The process of making Neem oil is very easy. Take some neem leaves put it in the coconut oil.  Boil it. Your Neem oil is ready for Hair care in monsoon.

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Let’s check some Hair care in monsoon beauty treatments for hair.
1. The hot oil massage is very important during monsoon.It gives your hair a natural boost of moisture and the much-needed hydration. It prevents from the hair looking dull. Now, remember that you have to set it over night.
2.  We all get affected by frizziness it in the monsoon.Use aloe vera gel for frizz free hair. Apply aloe vera gel and let it dry in air.Aloe vera not only reduces the frizz but also cleans the scalp.
3.I am sure we all can relate to this. During monsoon, we all tend to lose our natural shine and applying curd once a week can actually help to regain it. The curd nourishes your hair thoroughly.


I hope you guys found this article helpful. If you know any other tips do let us know in the comment below. For more such posts click here.


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