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Hello, my dear friends today I will tell you about the career-related on how to become a Medical Doctor through various steps on complete medical courses. The main task of a medical doctor is to provide good treatment in hospitals, private nursing home for care the various disease patient along with prescribing medicine based on the various medical test of disease & its symptoms.

There is a various section in this area like practice for general, gynecology, dental specialist, eye specialist, orthopedics, neurologist, skin specialist, dermatology & so on for how to become a Medical Doctor. They are all belongs to the medical doctor. The jobs or functions depend on according to the specialty of the above.

Steps for complete medical courses-

Bachelor degree for apply medical college is the first priority for how to become a Medical Doctor– 

Mcat-exam is the way for how to become a Medical Doctor

At first, you must have a higher secondary certificate from recognized board with 60 percent marks related to biology, chemistry, physics to apply for medical college admission which is the way of how to become a Medical Doctor. Then crack the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) with subjects on biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. The MCAT score becomes more priority to take admission to medical colleges.

Complete MBBS from Medical College for how to become a Medical Doctor

MBBS, which known as a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery for how to become a Medical Doctor. It will take 4 years & 6 months to complete which include a 9-semester exam of 6 months every year in course duration. After finishing the MBBS, you must do a one-year internship, which takes 5 years & 6 months of overall course duration.

Mbbs-course for how to become a Medical Doctor

In the first phase of MBBS, you can learn subjects related to anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology for how to become a Medical Doctor. Then the second phase you have to attend training on pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, forensic medicine that take 1 year & 6 month time to complete. In the third, phase (last) which is divided into two part of the main clinical course with a 1-year duration. The first part contains ophthalmology, social & ENT medicines course. The second part contains general surgery & medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, radiology, anesthesia, psychiatry, pediatrics, dermatology.


Applying for license for how to become a Medical Doctor 

Before applying license for practice medicine, you must have MBBS degree holder from recognized medical college after complete the internship but you need to continue your education & research on various medicine for license renew in a couple of years which is the way of how to become a Medical Doctor.

Certification on specialization for how to become a Medical Doctor

Earning certification on specialization from Indian medical council means you get employment opportunity helps for how to become a Medical Doctor. They certify the physician according to the respective specialization. The process of certification of specialization exists through written exam along with Viva. It can attend one either two times every year. Even after finishing internship from any hospitals or private nursing home, you can give the exam with Viva for your better score so they (Indian medical council) understand how much you gather your work experience. If you want to keep the specialized certification, you must continue your education on testing of renewing the certificate.

Privilege on a hospital for how to become a Medical Doctor

Privilege-on-a-hospital for how to become a Medical Doctor

After finishing the certified specialization, you can admit the patient to the hospital for better treatment based on medical specialization. For privilege on a hospital, you need to fill an application for a personal interview with administrator either board member of that hospital which is helpful for how to become a Medical Doctor.

Here are some list of medical colleges in India (+91) with contact details that helps how to become a Medical Doctor-


College Name                                                     Phone no                                                     Websites

Agartala                                                           0381 2357130                       




Gauhati                                                           0361 2529457                        

Medical College

And Hospital.

Shri Ramachandra                                        0671 2111111                              

Bhanj Medical


Motilal Nehru                                               0532 2256507                                    George Town, Allahabad

Medical College.                                                                                                          Uttar Pradesh 211002.

Mahatma Gandhi                                         0715 2284341                        

Institute Of

Medical Science.

Guntur Medical                                           0863 2234625                       


Government                                               +91-9380506601                     

Medical College


Technocrats India                                      044 42303300                           

College Finder.

Jawaharlal Nehru                                       0145 2431842                             

Medical College.                                                                                                           jlnmcajmer


Chengalpattu                                              044 27431225                              

Medical College.

Guru Gobind                                                0163 9251111                              

Singh Medical

College And


Government                                               0183 2426918                              

Medical College,


Baroda Medical                                        0265 2421594                              


Government                                              0278 2510236                              

Medical College


Grant Medical                                          022 23735555                               


Mysore Medical                                       080 32481846                              

College &

Research Institute.

Coimbatore                                             0422 2598860                               

Medical College.

Madurai                                                   0452 2533235                                

Medical College.

Government                                           0481 2597284                                  

Medical College                                                                                                           department_more.php?flcou=

Kottayam.                                                                                                                      Pharmaceutical%20Science


Here are some list of medical colleges in the USA (+1) with contact details that help how to become a Medical Doctor


College Name                                                    Phone no                                                               Websites


Rowan University                                      +1 8565667050                                      

School of

Osteopathic Medicine.


Perelman School                                        +1 2158988001                                 

Of Medicine.


Baylor College                                              +1 7137984951                                

Of Medicine.


Howard                                                        +1 2028066100                                



Case Western                                              +1 2163682000                                

Reserve University.


GW School of                                             +1 2029941000                                 

Medicine & Health



Upstate Medical                                         +1 3154645540                                 



Penn State Health                                     +1 7175310003                                  

Milton S. Hershey

Medical Center.


Pritzker School of                                     +1 7737021939                                   



Icahn School of                                         +1 2122416696                                    

Medicine at

Mount Sinai.


Columbia                                                   +1 2123052862                                     

University of

Physicians &



David Geffen                                            +1 3108256373                                       

Of Medicine.


New York                                                  +1 9145944000                                       

Medical College.


UC San Francisco.                                   +1 4154769000                                        


Standford                                                  +1 6507232300                                        

Medical School.


Kansas City                                                +1 8166547000                                        


& Biosciences.


University of                                             +1 4025594000                                        


Medical Center.


Northwestern                                            +1 3125038194                                  


Feinberg School

Of Medicine.


Georgetown                                             +1 2026870100                                    

University School

Of Medicine.


Boston University                                  +1 6176385300                                    

School of Medicine.


Here are some list of medical colleges in the UK (+44) with contact details that helps how to become a Medical Doctor


College Name                                                    Phone no                                                             Websites


Imperial College                                          +44 2075895111                                     

School of



Southampton                                               +44 2380595571                                    

Medical School.


Hull York                                                       +44 8701245500                                    

Medical School.


Brighton And                                                 +44 1273606755                              

Sussex Medical



Swansea University                                      +44 1792513400                              

Medical School.


Peninsula College                                         +44 3451558109                              

Of Medicine and



University of                                                 +44 1312429100                               

Edinburgh Medical



Keele University                                           +44 1782733937                              

School of Medicine.


School of Clinical                                         +44 1223336700                             

Medicine, University

Of Cambridge.


University of                                                 +44 1224437923                         

Aberdeen School of

Medicine And



Leicester Medical                                        +44 1162522959                                



University of St                                           +44 1334463599                           

Andrews School

Of Medicine.


University of                                                +44 1214143344                            


Medical School.


Sheffield Medical                                        +44 1142225522                            



School of                                                      +44 1613060460                        


University of



University of                                                +44 1517954362                        


School of



University of                                                 +44 1382660111                       

Dundee School

Of Medicine.


St Mary’s                                                        +44 7477087406                    

Hospital Medical



Here are some list of medical colleges in the Bangladesh (+880) with contact details that helps how to become a Medical Doctor


College Name                                                         Phone no                                                           Websites


Bangladesh                                                        +880 2-9120793                          




Community                                                      +880 1711-964595                        

Based Medical




Jahurul Islam                                                   +880 2-9569092                          

Medical College.


Eastern Medical                                             +880 1830-619521                         



Ibrahim Medical                                              +880 2-8620832                          



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