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How to find products to sell on Amazon-Introduction                  

You already heard about Amazon. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites in USA, UK and much of Europe as well as in Asia. When you buy something from Amazon, the product will be delivered to you via third party courier service. This third party courier service is called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). By this, you can sell your product to Amazon.  You can start a business through FBA only from home with a very low investment. Amazon gives you Golden opportunity to start a home-based business and also you can collect a huge amount of profit through Amazon. I am discussing how to find products to sell on Amazon.

What is FBA?

FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. By this FBA policy, you can send your product to Amazon FBA. After getting that product they will store and verify this product you have to sell. Then they will pack that product and ship across the country. And Amazon also provides customer service for this. This means Amazon will sell your product too with those products which are already on Amazon website. You selling product will also be considered as Amazons product that will sell to consumers. How to find products to sell on Amazon has one answer that is Amazon FBA.

How FBA works?

How to find products to sell on Amazon
  • At first, you need to set up an FBA account for this. If you have a seller account on Amazon, you can add FBA to your existing account. And then click on getting started option of Fulfillment by Amazon portal.
  • Then you have to create your product listings and add scheduled pickup plans. The courier service will collect your product and send it to the fulfillment center. You can also track your shipments. Then they will store and verify that product.
  • Then they will ship your products to Amazon. Between the processes, you can get help from Amazons online seller tools.
  • After that customers across the world will order that product. Then Amazon will pack and ship that product to those consumers. Amazon prime customers will also get fast and free shipping on your products. In this case, the fast delivery will also available for those customers.
  • We know that Amazon is known for the best customer service provider. Amazon provides high-quality customers service and attends customer inquiries and complaints.

What are the benefits of Amazon FBA?

How to find products to sell on Amazon
  • Your products are compatible for fast and free delivery within 2 days if you are prime members of Amazon. Cash on delivery will also available you’re your product. When you list your products to Amazon, the products are eligible for free shipping also. When you register for Amazon seller account you can also sell these products to Canada and Mexico.
  • As a result, customers can get Amazons customer services and returns from entire the world or in India. You listed products will show Amazon prime logo that is already trusted by Amazon customers.
  • Amazon service will let your business grow rapidly as the need of the online products. Amazon FBA will handle the details and makes you focus on your business. So, you can start a home-based business with the help of Amazon FBA. Also, you can get a bit amount of profit from Amazon. This is also a good business idea that can start up from home only.
  • You can fulfill the orders from other channel partners too.  Amazon FBA can store your products and decides that which channel partner these are delivered. You can also manage your fulfillment through online.
  • Amazon’s pay as you go policy will help to pay only for the service you are using. No additional charges or registration charges or starts up fees will be required for this service.

What’s its Pricing?

These are the benefits of how to find products to sell on Amazon. This world class fulfillment network service is really cost effective and simple to use. There will be charge only for those services that you adopt. These are the following fees that charge for Amazon FBA.

  • They will be charged for the storage of your Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Amazon will increase your product popularity for that your business will grow up rapidly. They will pay for this.
  • There are also charges for picking and packing purpose.
  • There also some amount of delivery charges that you will pay to them.
  • They will also charge for customer service and support.


There are also some pricing benefits also available for you. Amazon’s worldwide business will help you to grow your own business with a low investment. The fixed choosing fee for that seller will base on the item price and category. Fulfillment charge depends upon its dimension, weight, height and also shipping method that is used. You have also choices to pick up the products from Amazon fulfillment centers and also you may request to get your product to you at any time.

Amazons fulfillment charges

On 8th August, Amazon has already launched “Go Local” commission structure for FBA sellers. This is according to distance based weight handling system. How to find products to sell on Amazon i.e FBA fulfillment fees are as bellows.

How to find products to sell on Amazon

Amazon FBA will decide about the commission structure. There will be commissions for different products according to the category. Such that, when one items price will be 250 then there will be picked and pack fee for Rs. 10 each for particular products (Like Books, Movies, Music, Software, beauty, video games, baby products etc).  The weight handling fees are Rs.28 (for regional) and Rs. 50 (for national). For standard items pick and fees are Rs. 15 and storage fee is Rs. 14.20. The weight handling fees are same as for standard size items. And for other category products, the commission will be maximum Rs. 20.

Respectively for above 250 pricing products, the commission will be Rs. 15 and other category products it will be Rs. 20. For above RS.500 and 1000 pricing products, the individual commission’s rates are there respectively. These are the commissions that you will get from Amazon FBA.  The over sized items the pick and pack fee is Rs. 25 and storage fee is as the same as for standard sized items. The handling fees are Rs. 72 for Regional and for national it is Rs. 115. The detailed fees structure is also available on Amazon’s official website. There are also fees for removal or cancellation of your orders.


I have discussed the whole fact about how to find products to sell on Amazon. This is a great business idea with low investment only from home. For this, you just need only a seller account on Amazon. And also need a bit of money for this. As a result, you will get a huge amount of profit that you can’t imagine. There are so many websites which deal with used or unused products. But, Amazon gives you really a great opportunity to grow your business like the way I told. From my point of view, those who are planning for a new offline business idea then you should go for this.

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