How to Get Long Hair With Some Useful Tips


How To Get Long Hair?

Hello, friends in my previous article you can see some tips on how to get long hair. So, today I am discussing more hair growth formula which may be helpful for everyone.Guava Leaves: You can get many benefits from this Guava Fruit. It contains a rich source of vitamin and nutrients which are very helpful for your hair. Whatever you have curly hair, damaged hair, frizzy hair. It has vitamin B2 which helps you to repair tissues and cell in your body. It also works for your better skin and healthier nails. And you can easily know How to Get Long Hair from these tips.

1. Hair Loss:

You can wash your hair regularly guava leaves with water. Its ingredients make your hair strong, long and healthy. It contains vitamin c which will help to nourishes your hair root and make your hair more strong.

2. Improve Scalp health for your hair and know How to Get Long Hair:

Guava leaves are delicious for your hair growth. Its ingredients like antioxidant formula, inflammatory and analgesic are deeply worked for your hair scalp. Deeply massage daily into your scalp, you can see the best result with it.

3. Reduce Dandruff:

Dandruff is the major problem of hair loss. Dandruff is the result of dry hair and itchy scalp. Its antioxidant formula deeply works into your hair scalp and nourishes them very well and removes dandruff at the root.


4. Reduce hair damage:

Using this guava leaves you can free from hair damage. Hair damages also the main cause of hair fall. Its antioxidant formula helps to prevent your hair damaged and frizzy hair.

5. Protection from the Sun:

In daily life, we have to face the sun and go out for daily work. For this reason, also hair fall occurs. It has lycopene and other ingredients protect your hair from ultraviolet rays.

6. Promote blood circulation:

Among the various healthy benefit of guava leaves is that its ingredients power improves your blood circulation, which is very beneficial for your hair growth. If you deeply massage this solution into your hair, you can get the best result for your healthy hair.

How to Get Long Hair

7. Free form Split ends:

Most of the people are suffering from this problem among the split ends is one of the main reason for that. If you increase the level of nutrients and moisture, your hair will get rid of the problem of spilled ends. Guavas ingredients formula will end up the problem of split ends.

Henna recipe:

Firstly, it is the most beneficial herb that can do wonders for your hair. So, let’s know the benefit of Henna.
Its first benefit is a great conditioner. It really cleans and helps your scalp soothe very nicely with cooling effects. Its amazing formula gives your hair a natural color. And it also prevents from gray hair. If we apply it on our hairs and our hairs get colored. The most benefit of Henna is also given you prevent from burns. You have to mix the henna with water and apply it on affected area on your hair for instant relief. Henna also reduces your acne, dandruff, boils and fossils scalp. You can use it different types of the pack for different kinds of your hair problems. For example reduction in dandruff, hair fall, and dryness.



So, let’s have a look at the first pack of Henna for dandruff and healthy hair. So, what have to do? How to Get Long Hair?

It is very simple and easy formula. Take 1 tsp Fenugreek seeds and soak it in water for overnight. Next day grind it and put it on aside. Now you have to take mustard oil. And then take the desired quantity as per the requirement of your hair and scalp of mustard oil. After that take little Henna leaves from the tree or plant. Wash them and put them into mustard oil. And then heat it.

After that let it normal at room temperature and then strain it very well. Mix the fenugreek seeds paste and apply it on your scalp. Because dandruff exists in your scalp, not in your hair. So, after applying it to your scalp, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off. You can use it once in a week for your best result. Henna is very good for your hair.

How to Get Long Hair

So, now let’s have to look at Henna pack for your hair fall problem. You can know how to get long hair and relief from this problem from this method.
It is really simple. The way has to do it first pack. You have taken mustard oil where you have added few Henna leaves. And then you have heated it, cool it and then strained it. And then you have to add 1 Tsp lemon juice or yogurt. Then apply it on your scalp, deeply massage it and leave it for 30 minutes. And then wash it with cold water.

Now the third pack which is Henna Pack for conditioning for your hair. So, how to use it and How to Get Long Hair?

All you have to do is take Henna Powder which is very easily available in the market. So, firstly take Henna Powder and soak it overnight in either green tea water or black tea water. Does all this preparation prior one day when you want to apply the henna pack? Add an essential oil and beaten egg in it which we obviously use. So, apply it to your hair and leave it for an hour and then wash it with cold or fresh water.

How to Get Long Hair

So, guys, I have shared different pack for your different problems. And you can easily know How to Get Long Hair. You can try this hair problem tips to get a strong, long, shiny and natural look for your hair.



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