Here’s Why You Should Attend Indoor Plants Names And Pictures.

indoor plants and pictures

Indoor plants names and pictures 

We all are busy in our daily life. Running in the rat race of globalization. While taking care of our bank balance, do we really take care of our health? May be not that much.
Today pollution is a big issue. This pollution is giving birth to the threat called “Global Warming”. We should stop polluting our nature and also should save ourselves from the harmful toxins and think about indoor plants names and pictures.

Why indoor plants and pictures are necessary

We think the environment of our home or working premises is out of pollution, It is not true. As most of the urban houses are situated road side.Air, water and sound pollution is a big threat to our civilization. The office buildings are not exceptions. Our offices and homes and NASA spaceship have one thing in common. Do you wonder what? It is the indoor air pollution. As we think and do so much about outdoor cleaning, it is necessary to clean the indoor pollution as well with indoor plants names and pictures.

Indoor pollution is the serious environmental risk. As we have some toxic air pollutant around us. NASA has researched upon this matter and listed some plants which are great for air purification.

What can we do

Today I will write about some indoor plants which are useful for indoor air purification. These plants are easily available in the market or online. These plants can grow with less sunlight inside a room. Just water and fertilizer is needed. These are low maintenance and highly beneficial plants. These plants remove toxins from the air and purify at the same time. So here it goes  indoor plants names and pictures 

1.Money Plant (Green)
Its scientific name is ”Epipremnum aureum”. This is also known as Devil’s Ivy. This plant can grow outside also. Money plant can grow inside the buildings with less sunlight. This plant is also used as the decorative item in shops and shopping malls. Money plant does not need very good care. It requires little care and it is the very leafy tree. Money can remove Benzene, Formaldehyde, Xylene, and Toluene from the air.
indoor plants names and pictures
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2.Aloe vera 

Aloe vera has medical properties. Aloe vera is a must have” indoor plant”. This plant not only purifies the air but also reduces negative vibes. It grows in the tropical climate. Easily available around the air. The transparent pulp of the leave of Aloe vera has a multipurpose use. This plant removes Benzene and Formaldehyde from the air.

indoor plants names and pictures
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3.Peace lily
This plant produces beautiful white flowers. The plant is originally from South America. It can grow in the darker part of any room.Peace lily reduces Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Xylene and Toluene and Ammonia from the air.

indoor plants names and pictures
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4.Spider plant
Spider plants produce flowers and are also known as Airplane plants. Spider plant is an easy growing plant. It grows under indirect sunlight and this is such plant which needs less care but does wonder. Spider plant removes pollutants like Formaldehyde and Xylene.
indoor plants names and pictures
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5.Flamingo lily
This is a flowering plant. The flowers are used in decorations and bouquets. Flamingo lily is among those plants which NASA has suggested to grow indoor. It removes pollutants like Formaldehyde, Xylene and Toluene, and Ammonia from the air.
indoor plants names and pictures
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These indoor plants names and pictures very helpful for air purification of home and office.Although you may think these plants need care otherwise these will die. But actually, these plants need little care and time to time hydration. That is well enough for the growth of the plants.
I hope this blog about indoor plants names and pictures will help you to decorate and rejuvenate your office and home.For more such posts click here.



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