The Reasons Why We Love Make Money Writing Short Stories.


Hello friends once again, today I am with slight different and important topic on Make Money Writing Short Stories for people.

Those who like to write stories or things like stories. They will get lots of information on how you can get Or Make Money Writing Short Stories. Stories you know is something, which is attract by every age of people, from children to 80-year-old person like stories, children like fantasy stories of ghost, kings. Moral stories so on and so forth, where as upper age people or teen-age person mostly like romantic, thrill and informative stories, and upper age or elderly person love to read spiritual stories, Real life stories, experience stories etc.

Read-books for idea to Make Money Writing Short Stories

So friends stories is something, which is loved by everyone, it is a very good pass time, when people travel the carry storybooks, when people or anyone is free to the read books. Books are true friend of people it keeps you away from loneliness.

amazon-books that help to Make Money Writing Short Stories

Today friend I will tell how to make money writing short stories.  There is huge demand in stories writing   or short stories writing there is a company called Amazon which is specialization in short stories which is designed in such a way that readers are so comfortable  in reading this stories that even 100 pages is shorten down. Amazon is an e-book company which is online. Today few online companies have made the world so comfortable that today you do not have to carry any books. Your tab is your books instead of carrying huge amount of books carrying a single tab is enough, though e-books facilities you can read n number of books and stories, as you like.

lulu(other-websites) for Make Money Writing Short Stories


Therefore, friends here those who want to become writer there are many websites like lulu where you can go and publish you stories of free and you can Make Money Writing Short Stories, you do not have to run after publisher. You do not have to wait for print or marketing the books, if you are a storywriter to publishers are looking for you to publish you story in their side, and you can earn huge amount of money out of it.

Today it is a fashion that due to importance of time, long books are shortens down and writers can Make Money Writing Short Stories out of each page. Even today Traditional writers hardly can Make Money Writing Short Stories by publishing their books in their Traditional or local market today, but due to  internet revolution, through online you can publish you writing as A form of short stories etc, there are , I will give you idea  how  you can publish.

Your writings through internet that helps to Make Money Writing Short Stories

  1. Writers can add contest or price money with the story, with this idea not only  people  who is interest in read will get interested  but also by mouth publicity you article or story will   reach to many people  more and more people will come to know you and you will become rich and famous.
  2. There are companies who pay you for your short stories, poems etc  but you need to search for these companies  it might take slight long time , they pay you good amount of money.
  3. You can contract to greetings card companies, they are in needs of poems, short stories etc   for writings in card in various forms etc.
  4. You can approach to government, they generate fund for writers for establishments of their work.
  5. Another thing you can do is that there are lots of school magazine, teachers/tutorial where you can publish your stories   etc  , you should go and contract school and college  for that by which you can earn money so friend these are few ways by which you can earn money .

Today I stop here again with new information I will see you and if you have any opinion and comments regarding this Make Money Writing Short Stories article please share with us below comment box.



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