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Online e- tuition means online –tutoring. It is nothing but defined as the way of teaching is the fully based online process.  Communication is an important backbone of e-tutoring. For online teaching, you have to need just a computer and a good internet. In this online e-tuition teachers and students are separated by time and distance. It is one of a good idea to make money online from your home by teaching. In this field, you are not only earning money online but also help to spread knowledge about that particular subjects. In this online e-tuition, students can take tuition classes from home or computer lab anywhere without being physically present. This technology is available now on the internet for all subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Computer classes Competitive exams etc. It is the best of an online genuine procedure.

Nowadays in the recent world, online e-tuition became very popular and it is increasing rapidly for my-private-tutor. The Internet is the best way to get solutions to all your problems and even now online tuition is also available. This technology makes the very easy process to reach their own goals for students and teachers both.

my private tutor


Roles and activities of online e-tutor are the just little bit different.Online e- tuition is a very efficient way for my-private-tutor communication.

  • Online e-tutors make subjects more easy by sharing easy way solution.
  • They always keep the subject up to date by searching new techniques for solutions, answers, questions, notes etc and provide  high interest to students or learners even they motivate them also.
  •  Even They provide all information to them through email or other social sites.
  • Online e-tutors help students to improve their knowledge.


  • Subject expertise
  • Maintain good relationship with students
  • Good ability to communicate
  • Maintain good organization
  • They should have familiarity knowledge with the structure of the subject

my private tutor


Online tutoring comes out with a big scope for learners. Learners can come out from many problems when their offline my-private-tutors are not available. Here we discuss some software tools by which communication process can be continued between learners and tutors which are:

  • Skype: It is one of the great social ways to communicate with others i.e my-private-tutor. Here, you can get voice and video chatting both. Now, in today’s world, everyone uses smart phones, computers, tablets etc. So, you can continue your tutoring classes with the teacher by using Skype. Now, you have all advantages in front of you. You can share files, documents with students, then send messages during the online video session.


  • Online Whiteboards: You can use many online my-private-tutor whiteboards and with the help of these online whiteboards you can feel a classroom experience.


  • Cloud Storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive: You also can use this technique very frequently. With the help of Dropbox, google drive you can send documents, share information etc. Even sharing video is also another advantage for users.


  • You Tube: You Tube brings out with a new way to get more information with the video about subjects to all learners. So, now you can see in you tube many tutorials related to your subjects or videos etc.



Some powerful benefits of online tuition are:

  • High –Quality Instructions: Parents can get high-quality level tutors who can provide best instructions to learners. So, now you have this option also to choose best online tutors.
  • Flexible Schedules: For online tuition, you don’t need to maintain any time schedule. You can take coaching at any time whenever you need.
  • Affordable: Online tutoring is very helpful in financial purpose. It comes in the reasonable budget and they provide you best quality education.
  • Various Subjects: There are available online tutors who give online tuitions in various subjects. Sometimes many online tutors help learners to buy materials by giving discount package in various subjects.
  • Personalized Sessions: They can provide you a type of personal approach. It is very helpful for those kinds of learners who feel very shy to communicate with everyone or feel uneasy to ask any questions in front of many students.
  • New Techniques: They have many different techniques to share knowledge to learners without any problems. Even they know how to manage shy students. So, parents can be tension free.

my private tutor


  • Technology
  • Value
  • Selection
  • Availability
  • Convenience


You can use PayPal or other payment web sites for payment process ofmy private tutor. So, you have no need to worry about payment for online my-private-tutors tutoring just make sure you choose better online tutoring website.


This concept will give you the great opportunity for both tutors and learners. Tutors can make money online with the help of online e –tution i.e my private tutor from home and learners have the option to achieve all knowledge from their home itself with the help of computer and internet. In this online e-tuition process there is no doubt about traveling purpose. You can save your money daily. You don’t need to think also to get out earlier from home so that you can catch your transport. Just remove your all tension regarding transport facilities for your work, now you can do it at your home with comfort.

We can thanks to the internet that it brings out possibilities to our my-private-tutor earn money online for tutors as well as to bring online education for students also. Online e-tuition is one of the greatest platforms for all learners which will help them to improve their all skills with perfection. Now, there are many online tutor websites are there which are available for learners with care and comfort. With the help of online e-tuition, students can crack their goals obviously because online tutors teach students online very seriously and share all up to date information for their success. This online e-tuition helps students in many ways such as to capture easy tricks to get solutions, awesome notes, concepts etc.










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