How I Successfully Organized My Very Own Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai
  •  Introduction

Navi Mumbai is planned township of Mumbai. Let us first know the brief introduction of Mumbai or Bombay. Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay until 1996. This is the capital city of the state Maharashtra.

This city is famous for the Indian Hindi film and television industry called “Bollywood’’. The city is the financial capital of India. Mumbai is on the west coast of India. It is the natural harbour.

Mumbai is surrounded by sea beach of The Arabian Sea. The city is called “Gateway of India”. RBI (Reserve Bank of India) head office and Indian stock exchange is in Mumbai. India’s 5% GDP is generated by Mumbai alone.

Today I will write about Navi Mumbai. This township is an integral part of the largest city in India, Mumbai. Approx 14 million people live in Mumbai.

  • History

Mumbai is the second most populated city in the world. Therefore the extension of the township is very much natural. The main motive to build this new township is to minimise the population density. The planning of the township was not completed until 1971.

Maharashtra government took the decision to relocate the important government offices in Navi Mumbai. They developed the southern part of the township first. Some part of the south Navi Mumbai is Kalamboli,  New Panvel, Lamothe etc.

Navi Mumbai is new Mumbai if translated into English. Navi Mumbai is a satellite city which is the largest planned city in the world. It was established in the year 1972. It is a well-planned township in the eastern coastal area of Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai
  • Statistics

  • As per 2011 census, the total population of Navi Mumbai is 1,119,477 people.
  • Among them 611,501 are male and 507,976 are female.
  • Navi Mumbai has quite educated people with 911,542 literate people.
  • The average rate of educated people in Navi Mumbai is about 92%.
  • Sex ratio is 831 females per 1000 males. This ratio is better than Mumbai male-female ratio.
  • Information About Administration of Navi Mumbai

  • CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation)

When Navi Mumbai was first developing. CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation) was the main administrative body. Founded in the year 1971 on 17 March. It looks after the development and maintenance of the township. It prepared a well-planned development plan with more than 90 villages.

This corporation built schools,  houses, and roads in the are. CIDCO was planning and administrative body of the project for first ten years. The taxes and bills were payable at CIDCO. The harbor railway extension started in the year 1990. In that time, the population was increasing.

CIDCO changed the way of working and started developing the nodes. Some of the names developed by CIDCO is Kopar Khairane, Kamothe, New Panvel, Kharghar etc.

  • NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipality Corporation)

 Broadly known as Navi Mumbai Municipality Corporation. It is another administrative body of Navi Mumbai. Created in the year 1991 on 17th December. The purpose of creating NMMC was to maintain some of the nodes of Navi Mumbai.

NMMC maintained nine nodes of the developing township. As per studies of the budget, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is the richest municipal corporation in all over Maharashtra.  The head of the municipal corporation is commissioner of municipality and mayor. The people of the city elect the mayor.

The nodes which are under NMMC  are Nerul, Belapur, Vashi, Kopar khairane, Airoli, Ghansoli, Turbhe, Digha, and Sanpada ( as the report of 1 January 1999). The number of electoral words in this area is 64.There is an elected corporation for each word.

Navi Mumbai
  • Reasons Navi Mumbai Batter Than Mumbai

  1. Environment

The environment of this township is full of trees and water bodies. Navi Mumbai has fewer trees and more building which makes the city more populated.

  1. People

Though Mumbai has the decent percentage of educated people. But Navi Mumbai with its 92% educated people and government bodies, maintain good social environment here.

  1. Location

Location wise it is better than Mumbai. It has more space than Mumbai hence this is an advantage.

  1. Space

There is much more space in Navi Mumbai then Mumbai. There are lots of space for new constructions and environmental growth.

  1. Less pollution

The no of industries and factories is much less in this area. So, the pollution is less in this area.

  1. Planned City

Being a satellite city, this city has much more facilities than other cities. The rate of development of urban as well as eco-friendly life is growing faster here.

  1. Clean City

Though not perfectly clean. But definitely a cleaner city than Mumbai. The roads and footpaths are way cleaner in this city.

  1. Batter communication

The city like Navi Mumbai has its own advantage. This is a planned city. The distance between places is well maintained by CIDCO. The railway stations are also much better than Mumbai railway stations. The Nerul- Uran railway lines are under construction.

  1. No celebrity residing

Navi Mumbai is not like Mumbai. Means no well known famous personality’s resident is here. Therefore, fewer media access and paparazzi connections. This place is far from the lime lite area of Bollywood.

Navi Mumbai
  1. No political rallies

Navi Mumbai is free from any kind of political rallies. These kinds of rallies take so much time and create the traffic jam. Mumbai is famous for its traffic jams but Navi Mumbai is not. There are many planned flyovers here. Therefore, there is no risk of life and savior traffic jam in the city.


The planned city Navi Mumbai is an ideal for all the cities in the India. Other cities should learn the technique of development from Navi Mumbai.

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