Understand The Background Of Nestle India Limited Now

                                                “Good Food, Good Life”
Good afternoon everyone, today I am going to present the success story of Nestle India Limited through my blog.
Nestle is a multinational food and drink company and the headquarter is situated in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. It is one of the main shareholders of the world’s largest cosmetics company which is obviously  L’Oreal.
There are 8,500 brands under Nestle in over 80 countries. Even there is 447 number of factories of Nestle company which are operating in 194 countries and approximately 3,39,000 employees are working under Nestle.
Especially  Nestle launched a new project i.e. “Nanhikali” for the education of a girl child.


Nestle logo define a sweet meaning which is related to their family. This logo depends on his family’s coat of arms which describes a beautiful scenery and i.e. a single bird just sitting on a nest.
Therefore, it was nothing but a reference to the family name which just describes “nest” in German.


As you know Nestle is one of the leading company through worldwide. Nestle is a trustworthy company and the products mainly based on nutrition, health, fitness, and wellbeing.
Nestle stand on a significant rank in the list of top 10 companies in the world in consecutive four years.
The advantage of Nestle is that it is the one of the most leading company in the market. Even it also plays an awesome role in beverage sectors, commercial products, and pharmaceutical industry.
Even they really focus on food safety, ethics, diversity etc.


Henri Nestle, the first Swiss manufacturers and the founder of Nestle company. He founded it in the year of 1866. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe is the chairman and Paul Bulcke is the CEO of the Nestle company.
In 1905, the formation of Nestle happened by the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company. Two brothers named as George and Charles Page established it in the year of 1866.


Here, I am going to give you a short description about Nestle India Limited.
Nestle India Limited is an India-based company which is connected to the food business. It was started in 1959.

The product groups of the Nestle India Limited company categorized in such a way like beverages, milk products, chocolates, cooking aids etc.


Culinary and Food: Nestle Maggi, instant soups, Noodles, Maggi

Beverages (Coffee and Water)
Coffee: Nescafe, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Sunrise, Taster’s Choice, Gold blend etc.

Water: Pure Life, Aqua Pod, Water Line, Deer Park, Glacier, Aqua Panna, Aquarel, Aqua Mineral, Aqua Spring, Ice Mountain etc.

Cereals: Fitness, Cerelac, Nesquik Breakfast Cereal, Milo Cereals, Honey Stars, Koko Krunch, Chocapic etc.
Infant Foods: Cerelac, Lactogen, NaturNes, Neslac, Nido etc.

Healthcare nutrition: Boost, Optifibre, Peptamen, PowerBar, Optifast etc.
Pet care: Bakers, Bonnie, Go Cat, Lucky Dog, PetLife, Tidy Cats, Gourmet etc.
Chocolate: Kit Kat, Butterfinger, Crunch, Smarties, Milky Bar, Nestle Alpine White etc.

Chilled: Club, Moca, Nestle, Nesvita, Yoco, Munch Bunch etc.
Frozen Food: Buitoni, Hot Pockets, Jack’s Pizza, Wagner Pizza etc.
Ice-cream: Nestle, Xtreme, Movenpick, Haagen –Dazs, Drumstick, Kimo, Outshine, Push-Up etc.



Stay tuned with Nestle India Limited and enjoy all products manufactured by Nestle. I hope you will like my blog and please share your comments in the below comment box so that I can improve my writing skills.



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