Understand The Background Of Nokia 5 Price In India Now.

Nokia 5 price in India

Nokia 5 Price In India

The Nokia is back in the market with wide range of smart phones. It was a global launch and not just for China like the last time they did with Nokia 6. So I am here today to write about Nokia 5 price in India.
I will write the reasons why you should the phone.

First, here are the good reasons to buy this phone.So let’s get started.

1.Latest Software Nokia 5 Price In India

There is literally no device in this price which has come out with Android Nougat 7.1.1 software. But Nokia made that possible.Nokia has also promised constant software security and monthly updates. The phone is update-able to the next Android version. Nokia 5 price in India.
The only phone which is available on the market in this price range is Moto G4 plus. But Moto G4 plus has Nougat 7.0.0.

Nokia 5 price in India
source: http://cdn2.gsmarena.com/vv/pics/nokia/nokia-5-2.jpg

2.Compact Design

The size of the phones is increasing day by day. Earlier 5.3-inch devices were known as Tablets. But know this is the size of an average phone.Still, there is a majority of the audience who prefers to use compact phones. The demand for such phones is increasing. Nokia 5 has a 5.2-inch display which is pretty much handy.

Nokia 5 price in India

3.Presence of all the sensors

Almost all the important sensors are present in Nokia 5. This is a good advantage. You can enjoy 360-degree video in this phone. This phone also has finger print sensor which is found almost in every mobile phone. Other sensors like compass, magnetometer, proximity sensor, accelerometer are also present. Nokia 5 price in India.

4.Snap dragon 430

We could have expected a snap dragon 625 from Nokia. But snap dragon 430 is also proven to be a beast. It has nano architecture which is power efficient. Nokia 5 price in India.

5.Stock Android Experience

After Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, there have been only Moto G devices which come along with Stock Android. Nokia announced that they will provide Stock Android Experience globally.

6.All Slots

Unlike any other Chinese mobile sets.Nokia has the separate sim and micro SD slot. The micro SD card supports up to 128 GB. 16GB storage for all your stuff.


Nokia 5 price in India
source: http://cdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/17/02/nokia-3310-samples/-728×314/gsmarena_102.jpg

Last but not least the camera of this phone is equally good. Nokia 5 possess 13 MP autofocus camera on the back, 8 MP camera on the front. Nokia 5 will bite many Chinese competitors with their camera in the market.

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