Nokia 8 Specification and Its Great Features


Nokia 8 Specification and Its Great Features

Hello, guys, today I am here with a new article about Nokia 8 so, interesting. We have seen some decent offers from Nokia so far this year and now it’s pulling out all the stops with this flagship phone. The Nokia 8 Specification with so much competition though is the package spicy enough to be your 2017.

Nokia 8 Release Date:

This amazing Smartphone is expected to launch in India in early September and the India Price will be 45000. And it comes with interesting features and specifications. Which are the greatest cell phones makers it fell behind with the coming of Android cell phone and iPhone? So, Nokia is the one of mobile which is the 1st HMD mobile Phone and it has been enhancing in partnership with SAS.

Nokia 8 Specification

HMD global is a Finnish Company operating with Nokia since December 2016. This company affiliated with Nokia taking care of its development and marketing of Upcoming Android Nokia Phones. HMD global is called the abode of Nokia Phones, which is designed with various styles and added exciting features and also ties up with ZEISS optics to enhance photo features. The Nokia 8 is this return to form that Nokia fans have been waiting for. Well, it looks and feels a whole lot like a 2017 flagship and like many flagships that have a killer feature to set itself apart as Nokia has been known to do in the past they have putting the major emphasis here on the camera.


Now I am going to discuss some features on Nokia 8. This amazing feature of this Smartphone is that it has a 5.3-inch display which is awesome and with big screen 2560 by 1440 2K screen. And it gets really bright; you won’t have any trouble outside. So, on top of the screen, this is actually supposed to be a really powerful phone that is running a Snapdragon 835.

Nokia 8 Specification

But, what sets it apart is that there is actually a copper heat pipe inside of this day. It comes with 5.3-inch multi touch-display and with the pixel density of 554 PPI. This will make us comfortable with this Smartphone. The phone keeps running cooler so, it won’t throttle and that’s Snapdragon 835 is in around super smooth also as far as the rest of the specs go. This amazing Smartphone is running Android nougat 7.1.1.

Other Features:

So you are getting a really pure stock Android experience here or as close as you can get without owning a phone straight from Google, which is awesome because you are not going to like duplicate apps or branch of skins. Nokia 8 Specification has a 64 GB storage variant with 4 GB of RAM. And it has 256 GB expandable storage via a micro-SD card. Nokia covered everyone here like; there is a headphone which supported 3.5 mm, Jack. There is a micro SD card slot and there USB C which is super convenient also quick charge 3.0 when it comes to charging and it is powered by Three Thousand Ninety (3090) mAh non-removal Battery.


So, now let’s talk about the Camera of Nokia 8 because you guys know that, how important that is for us. A phone first lets’s appreciate the design. It’s pretty much the camera is like flash with the back of it, it’s barely sticking out. And there is 13 MP Camera in the Back. And on the front, there is also 13 MP Camera. The reason for that it’s of one of their biggest features on here. In the Camera app, there is a dual sight mode essentially what, that means is you can use the front and back Cameras simultaneously while you are recording.

Nokia 8 Specification

Its overall Camera quality will give you enjoyment and we have vibrant colors it’s really not too much on the warm side or cool side. There is a great detail in daylight, like some shoots that tend to overexpose highlights like in the sky areas. But it does not hurt the picture totally. And also selfies look the great decent amount of detail for front facing Camera.


According to Nokia 8 Specification, it’s splash proof or IP-54 specifications is missing from the other Nokia phones. Nokia 8 Specification is not fully waterproof. The bottom facing speaker is not the loudest, but it has pretty clear sound. This amazing Smartphone is available in a couple colors like polished Copper, tempered blue and a steel color. The Nokia 8 Specification is not huge it’s even a bit smaller than this mid-range brother the Nokia 6. But the smaller screen size coupled with a high-quality HD resolution makes for some nice scrip images outdoors. This Smartphone gives you best battery life and you can set it to go to sleep when you are not moving the phone and it will turn back on when you do. The front mounted fingerprint surrounded by backlit navigation keys. You can use it to wake up and unlock your phone.

So, guys, the new generation of Nokia 8 is very amazing with its great features. And it comes with lots of best features and specifications. So, this article will help you to know about Nokia 8 Specification and Its Great Features.

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