Nursing career – a noble professional career

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Hello, friends today I will take you through the journey of Nursing. How nursing career came into existence? How nursing career became a noble profession and who was behind it?

I suppose some way or another way you may have come across the name called Florence Nightingale. She was also called as Lady with the Lamp. Let me take you through some incidents of her life.

Florence Nightingale who made nursing career a noble profession

Nursing career - a noble professional career

Florence Nightingale was born on 12th May 1820 in Italy and died in England on 13th August 1910. She is also considered as Founder of Modern Nursing. She came into the picture during Crimean War. The war was between Russian Emperor and rest which include (France, Britain, Ottoman emperor and Sardine). She treated the wounded soldiers during the war.





Nursing career - a noble professional career


Even at night time, she visited the wounded soldiers with a lamp. When the Crimean war broke out, there was a lack of nurses. After getting a call from sectary of the war, she quickly got ready with 34 other nurses to move to the war zone. The moment she reached there, she found everything was a mess. There was not even water to drink. From floor to rooftop everything was dirty. Soldiers were crying with pain. There was blood everywhere. It was a miserable scene filled with horror.


Nursing career - a noble professional careerNightingale along with other staff immediately took over their duties. Few started cleaning, and few started to take care of wounded soldiers. Within few days, the war zone side started to take in good shape. She even arranged the library. She did not sleep for hours. That’s how she started working. The death rate of soldiers gradually started falling down. She was like an angel to the soldiers.

At such a young age, she served the casualties of war. Girls of her age marry and live with their husband while she totally sacrificed her life to serve people without any expectation.


Nursing career - a noble professional careerWhen the war was over, the Queen after seeing her work rewarded her with an engraved brooch. This engraved brooch later came to known as “Nightingale Jewel”. Not only that, she was also granted $250,000 from the British government.

She later used it the money for building hospital and nursing training school. The hospital name is St. Thomas’ Hospital. From then onwards, she became a heroic icon.

She also became public administration figure. Poems, plays, stories were written for her honor.

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So, friends what I meant to say is a nursing career is a noble profession. If you want to dedicate your life to serve others, then the nursing career is just for you. If you are pursuing it or want to pursue it, then you should do it wholeheartedly.

Who knows! The next Florence Nightingale could be you. For whom someone else will be writing stories. Moreover, you could be setting an example.

There cannot be any bigger example better than Florence Nightingale in nursing career history. Each and every step of her service during her life is a great tale for those who choose a nursing career.

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