Why online Lifestyle Shopping Had Been So Popular Till Now?

online lifestyle shopping

 online lifestyle shopping

Online shopping is a very important part of a modern urban lifestyle. We all love shopping especially girls. Nowadays online shopping has become so much popular that people are buying every kind of goods from clothing- shoes to electronics- home appliances to groceries and what not. According to cpcstrategy.com 96%, Americans shop online for reason like saving money and time and to avoid a crowd.

Approx 87 percent people who shops online said that the price is the most important factor for purchasing products followed by easy shipping cost and speed of delivery, while 21% people who shop online because they like the advertisement and find them relevant. Easy and free returns are also an important factor for increasing popularity of online lifestyle shopping. According to global market research firm Ipsos leading digital payments firm PayPal, the rise of online lifestyle shopping in India has increased by 83 percent in 2016.

According to a report,   the number of women shoppers will grow 5 times by 2020 and they will spend more than double money what they are spending right now. By the year 2020, 55 percent of an online transaction will be cashless transactions as opposed to 40 per cent now and mobile wallet share will also be double by the year 2020 to reach 15 per cent at a rate of 8 percent. Most of the people are spending more on lifestyle categories, like apparel and accessories, and also looking for trends and popular brands online.

Lifestyle products (apparel and accessories) as a category will overtake consumer electronics and will become the largest online category by 2020 and the total online spent would be   35 percent. The overall spent on consumer electronics will be at 20 percent by 2020. The report shows that new buyers will start their online lifestyle shopping journey with lifestyle category, followed by consumer electronics and existing buyers will spend more money on fashion and lifestyle with the availability of latest trending designs. Lifestyle and Fashion will be in the top among e-commerce product category by the year 2020 says Google Report. Topmost categories which women search most are approx 50 percent lifestyle,36 percent for electronics appliances and 24 percent for personal care.

Topmost categories which men search most are approx 64 per cent consumer Electronics, 36per cent lifestyle products,23 per cent on books and media. Most of the consumers like to customize shopping experiences like doing a chat with the direct company representatives, discounts, coupons and easy returns with fast delivery. With the rapid growth of e-commerce industry lifestyle products is available with more options and more exciting offers which are growing rapidly.

These are some reasons that lifestyle and fashion products are obtaining no one position in the e-commerce business platform. Some of the popular lifestyle websites are Amazon, Flipkart, Lifestyle, Snapdeal etc. These websites provide very good offers and discounts in the time of festivals or end of the seasons.

So finally I would conclude with the hope that online shopping for every kind of product would be more easy day by day. Happy online lifestyle Shopping.




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