Part Time Jobs in Mumbai: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

part time jobs in mumbai

Who Else Wants To Enjoy Part Time Jobs in Mumbai?

Mumbai is the city, where you can success your dreams if you want. And its Capital is Maharashtra. Mumbai is a very popular, famous and richest City in India. The majority of the population in Mumbai approximates 20.6 Million. Mumbai is the Financial and Commercial Capital City of India. Mumbai is flourished as a headquarters or center of industry & manufacturing during the 18th Century. So, if you are a student, homemaker, a retired person or you need extra income from a part-time job and looking for a Part Time Jobs in Mumbai. Here I am going to share with you some job list of Part Time Jobs in Mumbai. And you can do it from your home or any place. And I Hope this article about Part Time Jobs in Mumbai will help you to know about Part Time Jobs in Mumbai.

  • Acting & Modeling:

Mumbai is one the best city for the film industry, so it is one of the cities where you can fulfill your dreams. This popular city is nearly connected with Bollywood.  There are a large number of films, ads, TV shows these are shot in Mumbai consistently. Advertisement producers & film Makers are dependably watchful for a new ability that has a talent for that. So, here you can easily get a job as an actor if you have that talent.

part time jobs in mumbai

In the event that you are youthful and if you have the capability of good acting, maybe you can fill in as low maintenance model or performer. And this showbiz bring you a ton of cash, so let it all out! I am not mean to say that, you will end up being a star but rather move down performer. Essentially different advertisement organizations are additionally searching for models. You can be such, maybe you too. Be that as it may, you need to stay in contact.

  • Part Time Job Online:

I unequivocally suggest that Part Time Jobs in Mumbai or occupation for everybody, if you live in this city or some other city. You just need a desktop and the connection of internet, and you need some good knowledge of English. You can get various kinds of online job, where you can earn money. And I have mentioned some online job topic in my previous article. If you want to read, then check out my article.

Mumbai is the big city; there are actually countless workplaces or offices for jobs in Mumbai. There is every work which is related to computer. For what reason not give these jobs administrations in an office that is near your home? You can likewise work as a secretary & individual right hand. You can scan for a part-time work or jobs on both online occupation gateways & in daily papers, for example, Mumbai Mirror, DNA, & Mid-Day. On the other hand, if you live in Delhi, here also you can find countless workplaces or offices. So, here you can easily get a Part Time Jobs in Delhi.

part time jobs in mumbai

  • Delivery Jobs:

The demand for delivery boys in Mumbai is increasing with day by day. It is not new to Mumbai. And for that demand, they can get a job with easily as a delivery boy. So, you can take it as Part Time Jobs in Mumbai. In Mumbai, there are huge restaurants & food chains like Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Faasos etc, and that’s why delivery boys are demand in this city. From that, you can earn 10000 to 15000 per month. So, you can go for it as a part-time job. This will give a respectable wage & will show you significant abilities that will be helpful to you later on.

First of all, you should have your very own car. In the event that you don’t have an auto yet, you ought to consider purchasing a car, for example, a Maruti Suzuki or Tata Indigo. The dispatch of applications, for example, Uber & Ola has reformed transportation in urban cities, for example, Mumbai.

So, with Uber & Ola, you can connect yourself and you can easily work on a driving job as a Part Time Jobs in Mumbai.  And you know, you can earn money per month, it’s around rupees 25000 to 30000 at just working 5 to 6 hours per day.

  • As a Tour Gide:

Mumbai is also known as a tourism place. Every year here is gathered by many other people, who are come to travel in Mumbai. So, the demand for tour Gide is very necessary for this amazing city. It is not much tough work. If you can well speak English, you can easily get a job on it. So, you have to know the basic knowledge of “English” or Communication Skills and also have to know about the full details of this City. Even, the Indian Capital City Delhi, it’s an awesome tourism place. Here also need a tour guide person. If your interest to do this job, and you are from Delhi. You can easily join as a Part Time jobs in Delhi.

  • Tutor: – Arts, Dance, and Music:

In this city, parents are busier in every day for their jobs, whether it’s Govt. or private job. So, they have no time to teach their kids. And that’s why parents are sending their children to a coach or a tutor. So, if you have the knowledge of dance, Music, and art, you can be a tutor and you can teach them as a tutor or coach. So, you can without much of a stretch be a guide and discover a considerable measure of children in the city.

part time jobs in mumbai

  • Back Up Artists, makeup, Dancer etc:

On the off chance that you cannot be a model or on-screen actor, but you can be a backup Artists, makeup, Dancer.  And these are the employment or job identified with the entertainment or film industry.

Mumbai is the city, where has a huge amount of bars, pubs, expensive hotels etc. So, these are needed a security guard for every bar, hotels. And you also can be a good bouncer if you have a solid body. On the other hand, if you want to work as a security guard, you can join for that as a Part Time Jobs in Mumbai. But for that job, you have to work night shifts. And for that reason, maximum types of people do not want to work for this job, but rather the cash is incredible.

So, this Part Time Jobs in Mumbai can give you tolerable pay, and these will show you significant abilities that will be helpful to you later on. And the cash will surely be valuable in dealing with much of your day to day costs. In particular, these part time jobs in Mumbai show you the estimation of hard work and your honesty.



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