This Story Behind Simple Living Room Designs Will Haunt You Forever!

simple room living designs

simple living room designs

Today I want to start this blog ask a small question that is what do you understand by interior design? Well, every individual has a different view about this topic. But according to me the interior design of our home is considered to be complete only when it has a touch of love and life… is not it? Expensive furniture and huge home decor items in the home do not make the home beautiful always. The home which is the reflection of the owner’s test and which is also sleek and simple living room designs is the beautiful one.

simple living room design

The living room does not have to be very lavish but the reflection of great test and good choice should be good enough.

The planning of the home should be such that, no space should be wasted. Here are some simple living room design ideas hope you will like it.

Space-saving ideas

  1. Suppose if you have a pillar in your home which is adjacent to a wall this kind of space always gets wasted. So what you can do is you can make a cabinet out of the pillar.It actually looks very good and space also gets utilized simple living room designs.

2. The space under the staircase can also be used as small shoe cabinet space or can be used as a storage for cleaning and dusting tools like mops, wipes etc.

  1. In the kitchen as well the space under the sink area can be used as a closed cabinet, in which you can put the dustbins or wastage bucket so the kitchen will remain clean and smell free.

4. To design the living room you can buy the single bed with a box and can use it as a sitting area or just lay down and watch T.V. The box of the bed can save a lot of space and can be used as a storage of various things which are not always needed like suitcase, old quilt, bags etc.

 simple room living designs

Decor Ideas

  1. Home decor ideas are and items are easily available nowadays. Online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Paperfry offer the huge range of furniture and decorating items to choose from. The price range of the product is available from low to high cost. You can buy them according to your choice and need.

2.   False shilling with decorative patterns and good lighting arrangements can make a lot of differences to the looks of the living room.

3.  Theme based living room decor is the new trend in the market. You can a choose a particular theme like Indian, Rural, Contemporary, Artistic etc and design the interior according to the theme.

  1.  A beautiful painting on the wall of the living room is a wonderful idea to a decor. In my home, I have a Radha Krishna portrait which has added different looks to my living room.

5.  Apart from paintings and show pieces, there is another thing which can give a difference to the looks of the living room that is “Flower”. Beautiful roses, chrysanthemum, marigold whatever flower is available in the market or your garden works well Candles are also the good option. Nice scented candles will leave an aroma to the living room. These candles can do wonder in anywhere in the home.

simple room living designs


Renovation ideas

We all have that old furniture in our home which is of no use or we are bored with that old stuff lying here and there in our home. So we can renovate old sofa sets and do burnish to the old wooden furniture for just few thousand bucks. It will add a new dimension to the looks of the house. For this, you can contact to a carpenter shop or you can call them home. This is much cheaper than hiring an interior designer and can be done within 10k rupees. In a similar way, you can renovate the living room simply by replacing the furniture just alternate the positions of that furniture you want to replace according to place. It will look different.

Wall Decoration Ideas

Now there are plenty of options for colors in the market. You can paint your wall according to your choice yet also can add various patterns on those colors. Wallpaper is another thing which can be glued to the wall. Wall stickers are also the good option for living room decoration.

All these ideas can be implemented in simple living room designs within 1k to 10 k rupees. Sometimes it is cheaper as we can use our own ideas and do simple DIYs(Do it yourself) and make beautiful show pieces or flower vases from those bottles and old jars which we can’t think can be recycled this way. Plenty of easy DIYs are available on the internet especially on Youtube you can do this at home with minimum investments. These are cheap to pocket but very beautiful to the home.


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