The Story Of Social Media Privacy And Security Has Just Gone Viral!

social media privacy


Social media craze is not a new phenomenon. I already discussed so many issues and obligations of social media security and privacy. Social networking sites are not as secure as we think. You can get quite a sensitive idea about the social media privacy and security issue. Facebook has so many security and privacy issues as I discussed earlier in my previous article. But they claim that they are the highest secure social networking website till now. Now I will discuss a brief idea about privacy issue of other social networking websites. This article is about social media privacy and security.

Social media privacy issues with Whatsapp

Whatsapp is another most popular social networking website as well as mobile messaging service with over 1 billion daily users. We know that WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted. It’s good to be aware of WhatsApp social media privacy and security issues as not everyone believes in companies word. As Facebook is its parent brand, Facebook has had its own security issues too as I discussed earlier. The security system of WhatsApp is created by Open whisper system which has own extremely high secured messaging application for iOS. Whatsapp has launched new encryption technique earlier in January 2015 by the launch of a web interface. After that, many hackers already made the fake WhatsApp website to break its security. But they failed to breach its security.


Those messages you send via Whatsapp are end-to-end encrypted. This means nobody will see or decode those messages except you only. This prevents your messages being encrypted or hacked. But, there is a backup option in Whatsapp. By this backup, anyone can breach your personal info or private messages. If someone wants to decrypt your messages they just need a daily backup of your messages. There is no option to change your backup location. Every Whatsapp user also knows that location. As a result, your personal messages will be easily hacked. Whatsapp should upgrade this setting too and also need to encrypt that backup messages also.

Whatsapp is now with Facebook family and also linked with Facebook. After agreement Whatsapp and Facebook, both decided to keep their individual data separately. But after that in 2016, Whatsapp changed its privacy and security policy. According to Whatsapp, Facebook can use a persons info or data to Facebook and also for Whatsapp verification purpose Facebook need customers data. As Facebook has its own social media privacy and security issues, Whatsapp also not as secure as we think.

Social media privacy issues with Instagram

social media privacyInstagram is newer than Facebook. But it still very popular especially among our generation. Because it helps everyone to become a photographer or photo lover. Instagram has over 200 million users. They claim that their social media security is really high. But there are many limitations in their policy. But most users are unaware about this and automatically their privacy is a breach. In Instagram photo default is public. After uploading a photo to Instagram for the first time, this photo is automatically set to public. This means anyone can see your photos. Then you have to go to settings and change it.


Instagram is known for geotagging. By this method, you can tag location in your uploaded photos. By this everyone can see that where you are and where you have been. If you have not set your profile private everyone can look at your picture and also can follow you. Automatically it will become big problems for users. Unknown persons can easily follow by this way. In Instagram, anyone can also save your picture in their device and this will be a big problem for everyone. Users believe that the uploaded pictures are really private on Instagram but it actually not as private as users think. If users post a link to another website anyone with the link can click it and also can view the pictures. There’s a rumor that Instagram sells user’s pictures to Advertising agent.

Social media privacy issues with Twitter

Now it’s time for Twitter. Twitter is another social media that allows you to post anything within 140 characters. Twitter has over 300 million users. So, there is another question is twitter as secure as users think? The answer is Twitter is not as private as we think. So tweets really disclose user’s location. Thus one can find you easily. When you visit a website the suggested twitter accounts or tweets will show in the page that you have already visited. This is because twitter continues to track the websites you visited. Those websites you visit they claim that they use your information for promotion purpose of products. But it’s actually not. You will not know ever what they do with your photos or personal information.


Sometimes twitter allows your contact list to send follow request if they are not in your follow list. Most of the time you didn’t allow this but they can easily access your phone book info. In this way, the security and privacy fall. There are multiple twitter accounts being hacked due to terrible privacy safeguards.

Some hackers recently hacked twitter accounts along with Teslas Website. The hijackers deliberately destroy those accounts and many ridiculous posts were generated in that company website. Elin Mosque an employee at Tesla Company has a verified twitter account. He said that hijackers made a simple method to hack this website. As a result, Tesla has added security and privacy for their website. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter said that they have the most powerful security system ever than any other social networking sites. That’s why so many users across the world like twitter, from his point of view.

Every social networking site claims that their security is the powerful and highly secure system. Actually, there is no security and privacy in those social networking sites. Even there is no security on the Internet actually. Various dangerous virus and malicious software are updated by unethical hackers day by day. That can harm our system and disclose all your personal data that you save to your social networking websites.


So, think before you post and make what you are saying and posting. Also, make sure about the viewers that can see your status and posts and pictures. Check your settings to ensure that your profile and personal data is secured or not. And of course, when you update a status or photos you must see that who can see those posts. And make sure that your location is shared or not.

Please read those terms and conditions carefully when you signed on a social networking site. After working on social sites you have to make sure that it was logged out or not. That’s all from this topic. I think I can make you understand about all these privacy issues that can harm you. So always be safe from malware and malicious attack. Social media has more advantages also we cannot deny these. In all advantages, there is more security concern with users those are unaware of these security issues. You have to take care of all your personal info from the thefts on the internet.



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