Here’s Why You Should Attend Social Media Security And Privacy

social media security


Social networking sites are a very popular route for people to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues from around the globe. Whether there can be benefits from the social networking sites. But there is information about social media security and privacy that concerns. This is a story about privacy. Let’s take a deeper look into privacy. What is Privacy? Privacy means those involving the unjustified access of private information of an individual or organization. What is security? The security issue occurs when a person gets unofficial access to a website’s secure coding or written language. I am writing this article about the issues that concern with social media security and privacy.

How can the hacker breach your social media security and privacy?

social media securityThe accessibility of personal information available and social networking sites has attracted malicious people. They seek to exploit this information. The same technology that invites user participation also makes sites easier to infect with malware. This malware can shut down an organizations networks or personal info of an individual. Also, keystroke loggers that can steal credentials common social networking risks. These are spear phishing, social engineering, spoofing, and web applications attacks attempt to steal the person’s identity. Such these attacks are often successful. Because an assumption of being in trusting environment that social media create. Security and privacy related social networking sites are fundamentally behavior issues, not technology issues.

Social Media security and Privacy Issues

Social media apps have the biggest privacy issues. Because so many users think they are really secure. And just to prove the app to use whatever they want. As a result, users don’t take the time to actually read the social media security and privacy policy. Users also don’t usually take the time to read what they are allowing the application to access when they first receive the app.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are just a couple of the major social media platforms that have had privacy issues in the past. Probably, almost everyone has a Facebook or as head one at some point. Facebook boasts about their privacy policy and how it is so good and it is actually private. But, over 400 million users how private can it really is.

Is the Facebook really secure?

Just as one might think Facebook isn’t really as private as it claims too many users. This isn’t news because nothing is really private on the internet. The main reason there are so many issues with privacy and users getting upset. This is because users misunderstand the privacy settings. Just some of the issues that Facebook has had in the past include not all photos are private. Even if you set your profile to be private some of your pictures still appear. Because the individual picture setting is set to public.

Many users don’t think that their comments on statuses and posts can be searched. But that’s wrong because comments are actually searchable and can appear in Google searches. A profile will appear if you search your name on Google. And if you have a Facebook account, out of ten your Facebook profile will pop up. Hidden posts can still appear even if you hide them from your own timeline.

Privacy and Security Issues for Facebook

Like pages tracked when you like a sponsored post-Facebook tracks that it puts that information into a database. They claim they only use the information to make your experience better. But what else are they doing with it? It’s still a mystery to the customer like us. Face print database is illegal recently when you upload a picture on Facebook. It has a feature that protects people based on facial recognition. This shows and proves that Facebook looks at your information and keeps track your movements. It also invades others social media security. I’m sure everyone has heard about the privacy issues and problems that Facebook has recently faced in regards to their Messenger app.


Facebook made it so that you cannot access your messages from the regular app. As a result, they force you to either download the messenger app or go online to view your messages. Many people didn’t want to do this because once they got the app they had to allow the app to have access to so many different things. Automatically they felt that their privacy was invaded. One issue that users reported was that the app could use your microphone. This is to record you whenever they wanted. And they could also use your camera to view what you are doing. Because of these issues users have either not downloaded the Messenger app or have deleted the Facebook app altogether.


The more information a person post becomes more available for a potential compromise by those malicious intentions. People who provide private sensitive or confidential information about themselves or other people. Whether wittingly or unwittingly pose a higher risk to themselves and others. Please don’t publish the information such as personal social security number, street address, phone number, financial information or confidential business. Similarly, posting photos, videos and audio files could lead to an organization’s breach of confidentiality or individual’s breach of privacy.

The reason for privacy lapse of the social network exists. It results simply from the geographical amounts of information the sites action day by day. That causes much easier to destroy a system in just a few seconds. It invites users messages, invitation, photos and open applications etc are often the route used to gain access to this secret information. I think I can describe social media privacy including Facebook privacy and security. In the next article, I will continue this topic privacy about more social networking sites.
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