Why Space Tourism Had Been So Popular Till Now?

space tourism

Space Tourism Technology:

Hey, guys!!! I am sure you guys had a good weekend. So, I am here again with another blog on space tourism or space travel. Quite interesting fact behind this article is, last night one of my friends told me that he could bring moon and star for me…haha, Then I started thinking how he could bring this. But we all, once in life have fantasy or dream to travel in space, walk in space and walk on the moon. In our childhood, we always heard the story about the moon, stars, planet and we fly on space in our dream. At one time it would be impossible and difficult to think about space travel and people can’t even believe that one day he or she will buy a ticket for space travel. But modern day space travel is not just a dream.

Modern technology gives us that advantage that we can go into space and return to the earth. Space tourism is travel for a recreational purpose, rather than exploration. Since from very beginning man has been very curious to know everything. He invented the flying machine and successfully fly like a bird, and also successfully dive into the deep sea. Now he is curious about stars, planet, satellites, the heaven, and our solar system. Scientists have invented a rocket that travels through space at enormously high speed. But, that vehicle is used by astronauts only, not for regular people.
space tourism


Astronauts used this rocket for research, delivering cargo and human into space for space exploration purpose.  Long decades ago scientist sent a person to the moon for the first time, but after that NASA never go to the moon. After NASA Space tourism is travel for a recreational purpose, rather than exploration. Since from very beginning man has been very curious to know everything. He invented the flying machine and successfully fly like a bird, and also successfully dive into the deep sea.

After NASA fetched human to the planet, it wouldn’t have been long until the historical backdrop of private spaceflight organizations took off. By the 1980s, various organizations started investigating space travel. Government space agencies usually send astronauts or cosmonauts into space. But now a day many government and private organizations work hard to make a vehicle for space travel in commercial purpose.

Space Travel 

Now a day Space travel is an ongoing market place and emerging industry. The NASA, ISRO, Russian space agency, European space agency, German space agency, etc. are working on space tourism project. And, the least cost of space travel is $20 million. So if you feel bored at beach, luxurious spa or restaurants, traveling in an ancient city and beautiful arts of living, and if you want a daring adventure, thrills like sci-fi movies, then space flights are waiting for you. You can spend 8 to 9 days in International Space Station. The Rocket Scientist continues to try to discover and develop the design of rocket and spaceship, to find a new way and new rocket propulsion engine and rocket fuel so that space flight will do at the cheapest cost. The biggest and successful top private space tourism companies in the world are
  • SpaceX…
  • Bigelow Aerospace.
  • Blue Origin…
  • Boeing…
  • Orbital Sciences…
  • Space Adventure…
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation / SpaceDEV…
  • Virgin Galactic…
XCOR Aerospace. …etc. has successfully tested their space craft or space ship for space traveling purpose, that can put cargo and astronauts into space.

Space Services Incorporated

Space Services Incorporated is the first private spaceflight company, which launched a rocket into space in the year of 1982. In the year 1984, 40th President of united state Ronald Regan issued out the Commercial Space Launch Act, which encouraged and inspire the formation of private space travel or space tourism companies.
space tourism
The first space tourist traveler was Dennis Tito, who lived in California. He sent into space by Space tourism company Space Adventures. In fact, Space Adventure has become a leading major key player in comparison to the other privatized space flights companies. Space Adventures also send major celebrities, top business men, and CEOs into space. At present they are working on spacewalking, zero gravity excursions, and more to giving more fun to the tourist. Space Adventures are now also booking a ticket for a lunar mission at the cost of $100 million per seat.

SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies)

SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies)  is another leading space tourism company.
Dragon and Falcon 9 craft is the most famous spacecraft in this endeavor. It started from shipping cargo need to the international space station. SpaceX secured a billion dollar contract by unmanned and manned space flights. Abd, SpaceX is now working on a major project to developing a space craft which will be capable of carrying around 100 to 200 people into deep space. If it succeeds, then this will be the ever build the largest spaceship that is launch into space.

Blue origin

Blue origin is Washington based company, launched their business in the year of 2004. They are developing and successfully tested a prototype of their spacecraft New Shepard. On the other hand, these spacecraft can reach at an altitude of 120 km. So, they continuously work on developing this prototype for commercial crew space program.

Bigelow Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace is in North Las Vegas, Nevada. They have two main Spaceship, Sundancer, and BA-330. Sundancer has a capacity to support three person crew and BA-330 can help six person team. On the other hand, Bigelow Aerospace already launched Genesis 1 and Genesis 2, two small space station prototypes. Bigelow Aerospace doesn’t have a rocket to send their cargo and crew into space, so they are closely working with Boeing company who try to develop its own seven person spacecraft.

SpaceDev/Sierra Nevada corporation

SpaceDev/Sierra Nevada corporation based in Poway, Calif. The main spaceship is Dream Chaser which has a capacity of 4 people on sub orbital flights and six people for orbital flights.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic situated in London, England, and Spaceport, New Mexico. The main spaceship is SpaceShip Two. This spacecraft can carry 6 passengers and two pilots.

Orbital Sciences

Orbital Sciences located in Dulles, Virginia. And launched their business in 1982. The primary Spaceship name is Cygnus and Taurus 2 rocket. According to this spaceship, that is purely unmanned, used to transport the cargo to International Space Station.

XCOR Aerospace

XCOR Aerospace is a privatize rocket and spaceship developing company, based at Mojave, California. They built EZ Rocket. The first spaceships name is Lynx Mark I

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