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Start business under 10000 Introduction


In my previous article, I have already elaborated on some offline business idea that can start with an investment of Rs. 10000. Here are some other ideas about offline business. This can be start-up from home or low investment. Suppose, you have 10000 rupees and you don’t have any idea about what purpose this money can be used for. If you ask me about that then I will tell you that you can start an offline business. This will become a great idea. I am telling you more about those offline businesses that can start-business-under-10000.

Mineral water supplier business

In this business, you have to rent a tempo or vehicle to carry mineral water bottles. To start this business you don’t need much more than 10000 rupees. So, you should go for this offline business to earn more money.


Plant Nursery

This Plant Nursery business is the fastest growing business in India. In urban areas, there is high demand for various types of herbal plants and vegetable plants. You can earn a huge amount of money after selling this. So, you can start this business as an offline business.


Birthday decoration materials shop

In big cities, there’s a high demand for birthday or wedding decoration materials. You can start this type of decoration shop for high profit. As everyone celebrates birthdays and anniversaries there is obviously huge demand of this. So, should go for this business as this not takes much money than 7000 to 8000.



To start this business you need a bike or van. As manufacturers need to send items to sellers, you can play the middle agent role for this job. As the huge demand of online shopping business, this shipping business is also needed. So, you can start-business-under-10000.


YouTube Channel

Youtube is a medium for creative and talented individuals looking for great returns on little investment. This allows it’s some users to create independent channels and uploads their videos for free. And also pays for this if your channel is popular then. So, you can start this business with a small investment if you are good in singing, dancing, play guitar etc. You can create your own channel and earn money.


Customized Jewellery

For the real silver, gold and diamond jewelry we all had an option today as customized jewelry. We would possibly roam around empty-pocketed for most of our lives. However, customized jewelry is already a part of our ancient tradition. To avoid theft most of the women use customized jewelry. So, you can use this customized jewelry business as small investment offline business.

Fitness instructor

If you have good knowledge about fitness or bodybuilding then you can absolutely start this business from home only. To get fit everybody wants a good physical instructor in their home. The investment is also not much more than 10000 for this. A good physical instructor earns more money as well as pride. Nowadays fitness instructor has a huge demand. So, you can open a gym or train than to go door to door.

Graphic designing

If you are good in graphic designing then you can start an offline graphic designing business from home. In every house, there can be seen different types of graphic wall paintings to beautify their house. As a result, this business has a huge demand in the market. You can choose this business for huge income with low investment. This can be also called as a huge growing offline business in this era.



Cities like Mumbai there is a big demand for individual scriptwriters for new films and short films. If you are a good writer then obviously you can start this offline business. A good scriptwriter collects good impressions and pride for their scripts. Every movie, serials, short movies need a good and superb story. So, you can start-business-under-10000.

Tiffin Service

As mentioned earlier food industry is a huge growth industry of all time in India. So, venturing into this industry is almost profitable move. If you are good in making food then you have to choose this business. Make delicious breakfast and foods and supply them to the consumer. You can earn money for this. Those who live away from home they surely need this type of services. So, you can go for this.


Handyman Service

This includes all those unseen heroes- the electrician, plumber and the home-staff. If you are good in all this home maintenance service then you should start this business. You will earn big money for this.

Pet daycare/pet-friendly service

While someone slaving away at work there need someone to take care of their pets. This is called Pet daycare service. By this, you have to take care of those pets. This is a good offline business idea with low investment. So, you can go for this smart business and earn money.

Sports coaching

If you are good in any type of sports then you can start a coaching institute for this. So many individual coaching institutes are there. This is a small investment business that can give a huge amount of money and pride also. So you can go for this.

Tour guide

Are you a tour love people? If yes then you should look into opening up a tour guide business. Here a group of travelers can ask you to make all the arrangements for the trip and also guide them through. This business is highly profitable with low investment. So, you can surely start this business soon.


There are so many such businesses which could start-business-under-10000. You have to select them according to your choice. No business is negligible. You can start businesses according to your needs. To start any business, at first, you have a good knowledge about it. Otherwise, you will get the huge loss that couldn’t handle by you. So, start a business after deep thinking about that business. Hopefully, you can understand about the offline business that can with the investment of only start-business-under-10000. I have just explained this from my thinking. Everybody has individual unique ideas about start-up a business. So, you can choose your one. That’s all about offline business. So grow your business and earn money as much you can.



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