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The following terms and conditions lead your use of this data processor and any content created obtainable from or through this data processor, as well as any sub domains thence. We tend to might amendment the Terms and Conditions from time to time, at any time unexpectedly to you, by posting such changes on the net website. By victimization the net website, YOU settle for AND comply with THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS APPLIED TO YOUR USE OF the net website. If you are doing not comply with these Terms and Conditions, you will not access or otherwise use the net website.

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Our website provides the great opportunity to promote any content or your product or anything else with sufficient care and instructions. So, all the advertisers or promoters are always welcome to our website and share your product or content. Any rubbish or disgusting content or advertise will not be accepted. If anyone found posting any ridiculous post or advertise or anyone will go against the company policy, the company will take legal action with those advertiser or promoter.

Cost per click

Cost per click (CPC), also known as Pay per click (PPC), is a policy where advertiser pays to publisher (Or company owner) for advertise. The advertiser have to pay a certain amount to company owner per every click to his advertise according to company policy. The advertiser will also be paid per every click. This amount will be fixed or variable. 

Click per second

Click per second (CPS) means how quickly you can click. Per every click the advertiser or promoter will get paid. This payment will be count with the clicks per second of your advertise or content. If the policy will broken by any user the company will not be liable for this.

Cost per install

Cost per install is applicable for mobile application. It will be count according to how many users install the site’s mobile application. Cost per install will be count as per company policy. If company policy will broke, the company will not be liable for any complaint.

Lead Generation

Lead generation, also known as Cost per Lead, is commonly the case when a user subscribe to a newsletter or confirms interest on some advertise provided by our site. If the leads generated from the newsletter, will be directly paid to company and if the lead generated by clicking on any advertise on the website, those leads will be paid to advertiser. All lead generation process for advertiser or consumer both are under the company policy. If any consumer or advertiser broke the company’s privacy policy then the company will take legal action with that consumer or advertiser.

Advertiser and Publisher

All advertiser and publisher are always welcome to our website. Advertiser is requested to post advertise to our website and publisher are welcome to invest. All process will conclude under companys policy. If any advertiser post any type of disgusting post or advertise then the company will take legal action to those advertisers.


We, the Onlinekarmabarta team have been building the web experiences for last 3 years. In this small time we have collect vast amount of experience and knowledge. In this FAQ section we have answer the questions about our website and its features.

What is onlinekarmabarta.com?

Onlinekarmabarta.com is a website where you can find the latest employment news, online and offline jobs or business ideas and tips about health, fitness and lifestyle.  Also you can find latest technology news and articles on our website. We recently added eBooks for latest government or non-government exams. You can download and buy eBooks from our website.

What are the costs? 

Do I need any web programming knowledge to use this website?

No, you don’t need any type of web programming or web application knowledge to use this website. This is a point-and-click website where you can collect latest recruitment news, ideas of earning money through online or offline, blogging etc.

What do I need in order to use this onlinekarmabarta.com?

You need only an internet connection and internet browser to use this website. You need not any software to install.

If you can’t login! Help!

You have to enter Login ID and password. If you have forgotten your password then click on forget password link. If you are still unable to log in then please contact our customer support team. 

Do I own my website?

Yes, everything on this website and the website too in absolutely owned by you. Every post, news and articles of this website are unloaded by my order. There are many clients’ wants to stay with or onlinekarmabarta team for the life. But if you want to carry your site to another hosting service or get another company to serve the website then we will happily permit you for this.

What’s with the name?

The Managing Director + Founder are carrying one name only, i.e Kuldip Das.

About us

Onlinekarmabarta is an Indian based blogging website where you can find various types of informative articles. We also introduce various types of important content about Offline Businesses, Lifestyle, health and fitness, Make money online and Technologies. Our team also provides ongoing and upcoming government and non-government employment news and also eBook facility for preparing for those exams. You can also buy and download those eBooks for study purpose. Our main motto is to produce and share informative articles to users and also gather important information from them. If you have any queries or problems with us then you can also give feedback. You can also share something with us, and then you can use our newsletter. It’s our promise; we will definitely help you out.