What Business Can I Start With 10000 Rupees Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why

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What business can I start with 10000 rupees Introduction

As you know I already shared about offline business ideas in my previous articles. Now people can ask me that can I start a business with 10000 rupees investment. And what business can I start with 10000 rupees? The answer is yes, you can start a business with the investment of just Rs. 10000 too. There are so many offline businesses you can start only under 10000. So to bring more, here are the various offline business ideas about what business can I start with 10000 rupees.

Travel Agency 

Travel agency business is now a highly profitable business. You can sell Airlines tickets, Rail tickets, Bus tickets etc by building a small shop only. There is no investment beyond 10000 actually. And collect a huge marginal profit for this. Because maximum people travel the world frequently. So, this business is going to be profitable what business can I start with 10000 rupees.

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Mobile Recharge Shop

Another offline business with low investment is mobile recharge shop. For mobile recharge shop there you don’t need that much of investment. In this era of technology, everyone uses mobiles or they have DTH service. So, there’s a need of a recharge. So, you can go for this business for sure. You can start up this business with a maximum investment of 1000.

Breakfast Joint

You must have noticed how these breakfast and tea stored across your city are always filled with new customers day by day. This is because a food is the main commodity to do well in the competitive market. So, you can make your own breakfast and coffee service to your home. To open you own breakfast joint you need a maximum of 10000.

Tuition Centre

You can start a tuition center for high profit. For starting tuition center you need nothing much than 10000 from my point of view. Nowadays every tutor gets huge revenue after the end of the month. So, you can start up a tuition center with low investment.

Fruit juice Kiosk

Nowadays fruit juice kiosk is going to be a highly profitable business for part-timers. Because this is not going to sell in the winter season. But in summer it is a very useful business. At first, you have to get a permit for that and

choose a location for your fruit juice stall. So, this business going to gain profit, especially in this summer.

Garment Tailor

There are so many cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, has a huge demand in garment tailor industry. So, you can start garment tailor industry as a start up offline business. With the popularity of self-made designs, the tailoring industry has a big profit also.

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If you have a very good writing skill then you can write blogs from different topics. And get a huge income from this. There are so many incidents happening day by day. And so many blogging companies need some high-quality blogs for their business. Nowadays the s, good blogger gets respect and revenue both. So, you can start your own blogging business for income.

Event organizing

Event organizing is another high profitable business nowadays. So many birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding parties are happening day by day. As a result, they obviously need an event management organization. So, you can start an event management organization with the investment of maximum Rs.10000.

Wedding Consultants

Wedding consultancy is another well profitable offline business. Nowadays, everyone runs to wedding consultancy for searching for a better partner. So, they can trust them. You can search for them better couples and earn money by this. So, you can go for this business.


Photography is another new phenomenon in this era. Everyone wants to do photography as their hobby or passion as well as for income. So, you can choose photography as small investment offline business. Every person uses this photography in their wedding session, traveling and so on. So you can apply this hobby as a profession.

Street side book stall

Street side bookstall is one of the best offline businesses with a small investment. Everyone buys or sell books in those hawkers in the streets or footpaths. These books are really very useful for them who really wants them. So, you can start this business as start up. What business can I start with 10000 rupees, this is the another answer.


Ghostwriting may not be recommended as a primary profession, but it surely ranks as high as any of its counterparts. So many clients are willing to pay for these kinds of ghost stories. As ghost stories are really popular for everyone then you can start this business.

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Tea Stall

The tea stall is another profitable business with a small investment. For making tea there is no such amount of money needed for this. You can start this offline business with low investment also. And will collect huge margin every month. So, you can go for this offline business from my point of view. What business can I start with 10000 rupees, this is the another answer.

Advertising campaign developer

This profession is mainly online but you have to operate it in offline. Every company or organization needs these types of advertising campaign developer for their marketing purpose. If you are good in marketing then you can go with this business with small investments.

Dance or Music school

If you are good in dance or music or any types of musical instruments then you can open a music school. There you can teach them music or play musical instruments and get huge income from that. So, this is going to high profitable offline business with low investment.


Maybe you have faithfully worked a 9-to-5 job and save some money in the bank. Or maybe you got a lottery and thinking that how can you use this money then you can start an offline business. By that, you can earn money as well as collect some experience about business. This is helpful for both. So, don’t waste your savings by spending these here and there and start an offline business for you and for your future. These are some the of small offline business ideas that what business can I start with 1000 rupees. More offline business with Rs.10000 investment is there. What business can I start with 10000 rupees you have to decide. I will describe the rest of that offline business in my next article.




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